10 Ways to Rule the Rest of Summer

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It’s crazy to believe that summer is already halfway over! Scorching temperatures rolling in make us wish for these days to last forever. Since that sadly isn’t the case we have to make the most of what we have left.  We’ve compiled our ten favorite ways to soak up the summer sun before it fades into golden leaves and chilly winds.

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1. Hit up the farmers market for some fresh grown local goods. The Grand Market on 124 st happens every Thursday evening. Pair it with late night shopping on the High Street (we’re open til 8!) for a perfect Summers’ eve.

2. Take a walk through our beautiful river valley. Beautiful trails are right in our own backyard, it is so easy to soak up some of nature’s beauty.

3. Or for a change of scenery, grab the gang and go camping this weekend (As for packing, we’ve got you covered).

4. Catch up with friends on a local patio, get the hot gossip with a cold drink (with some Coola to avoid getting burned.)

5. You can’t have fun if you don’t stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle for your body, and a refreshing toning mist for your skin.

6. Take in unique experiences at our many summer festivals. Like the Folk Fest, the Fringe, or Symphony in the City.

7. Experiment with your fashion, shorts, skirts and dresses (and show off your glowing sunless tan).

8. Even though it is summer, you can learn something new! Pop in to the High Street Pop N Shop Event for some great tips and sessions from all your favourite retailers on a variety of topics. (schedule coming soon!)

9. Indulge in some cool, sweet treats; Orange creamsicles, raspberry sherbet, black cherry ice cream, fresh-squeezed lemonade…

10. Embrace it and soak up every moment, because before you know it, summer’ll be gone.

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