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After a beautifully sunny and adventurous summer, the sun is starting to set sooner and a crispness has entered the breeze. It can only mean one thing, autumn is coming. As much as we are going to miss the days of floaty dresses and flip flops, there is something about the season ahead that makes us very excited. Warm cocoa, chunky scarves and falling leaves are a few of the things we are excited for. 

This change in season also means another thing: Time to head back to the classroom. Even if you aren’t going back to school, there’s a sense of returning to routine that comes in September. We’ve selected our tried and true faves you need to have on hand for settling back indoors for yourself or for your young academic.

Rosy Outlook

Getting back in the groove can sometimes feel strenuous, so keep your make-up simple, yet long lasting. Ilia Blossom Lady lipstick is a shade that flatters everyone and matches every outfit. Punch it up after lunch with a little RMS Lip Shine (that’ll also hydrate) and set the whole look with Ilia Fade Into You translucent finishing powder.


A perk about heading back to school is reconnecting with old friends and meeting a bunch of new people. After all those handshakes and high fives, take care of your hands with a striking metallic manicure with Deborah Lippmann’s new collection and hydrate with Library of Flowers Linden.

Get-up and Go

Early mornings can get the best of us sometimes. But never fear feeling less than your best. Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Treatment is a mini spa treat that tackles puffiness and lines in 10 minutes. Tap some on your under eyes, then finish your routine: brush your teeth with Marvis Whitening Mint for your best smile and treat any stressful ‘pop-ups’ with Indie Lee Blemish Stick. No one will ever be able tell you slept past your alarm clock.

Refreshed Tresses

Get cool girl, street-styled hair in seconds between classes. These two saviors are a must for keeping in your desk or locker. Boost falling styles mid-day with a spray shot SachaJuan Volume Powder and re-use yesterday’s waves with a mist of Bumble City Swept. Easy, effortless, stylish. Perfect for after the gym.

Backpack Basics

As much as you think you need pencils, pens and a planner, these are the two items you really have to have. Barr Co Hand Sanitizer is hydrating as well as scented with it’s signature oatmeal and vanilla. Goe Oil is your one stop body product that moisturizes, heals, smooths and soothes. 

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