What I Brought for a Weekend Getaway

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We’re looking forward to a hot and sunny long weekend…are you?! There’s no better way to spend the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer than by stealing away from it all and heading to the lake. Our make-up artist Danielle recently took an extended weekend outside Drayton Valley and here are the things she just couldn’t leave behind.

La Fresh Body Soothers- Between hiking, swimming and soaking up the sun, theses are a must for taking ‘bird-baths’ on the go to keep refreshed.
Coola- An absolute no-brainer,  Coola was definitely coming along to protect my skin from the sun’s rays.
Patio oil (which will soon be patio spray)- Those bugs need to stay away!
100% Pure body lotion in Meyer Lemon- Campfires can be very dehydrating to the skin after a few hours huddled around one, this works to combat that.
Skyn Iceland Arctic Hydrating Balm- Saves face from the drastic elements.
Caudalie Eye Cream- The best refresher first thing in the morning.
Pret a Powder –  Just because I’m camping does not mean my hair has to look like it.

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