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Have you ever wondered who does the brilliant and beautiful window displays LUX features each month? Wonder no more! Meet Jes!

We are incredibly lucky to have her as not only our in-house display artist but also a part of our team on the floor to help you find exactly what you need. Always full of energy and joy, it’s a beautiful day when Jes is around! Watch the video or read below to learn more about this creative LUX lady.

Hi! My name is Jes Mccoy. I like to say I am a full-time LUX lady…who just works here part time. I am also the resident window display artist.

We love the work you do on our windows each month. If you had to pick, which would be your favourite you’ve done?

I really liked the kite one that I did one summer, they were coming off the window and onto the ceiling. It was really wonderful, lovely and ethereal. I also did one that was a bunch of ziploc bags that had live potting plants in them. It didn’t last very long but it was really cool and people took notice when they came in.

Actually, (*points to piece behind her*) this is probably my favourite piece. I wanted it to be kind of cool, and sculptural. Embodying the spirit of fall in a really modern and cool way. I’m going to keep this one. I really like it.

Is this something you do for fun, or is art a big part of your life?

As I started transitioning into the world of art I found the thing that spoke to me the most was sculpture because it was a chance for me to be really physical. I get to use tools and make stuff that is really big and I am really attracted to that.

I am currently working on pieces for a show this January at the Harcourt House with a local print maker Kelsey Stephenson, which is really exciting. She’s making the prints and I’ll be making a series of sculptures. It’s called Navigating Boundaries and it’s the next thing on my horizon and I am really looking forward to that.

Having all four seasons in Edmonton, do you have a favourite? Are you inspired by any particular time of year?

I LOVE the fall. I love the colours, the cool air, everything about fall I really like. I think it is because I studied colour theory that I notice that blue and orange are complimentary colours. When the trees are all orange and golden and the skies are bright blue it’s just perfect. Gorgeous.

Do you remember your first LUX story? What drew you to joining our team?

I remember this pretty clearly. So I had donated art to Latitude 53 for a silent auction and the artists were all given a swag bag. It was FULL of LUX goodies and I fell in love with samples. One day I needed to pick up some essentials and I decided to come by LUX and I knew it was local and I loved the products.

I just remember coming in and feeling completely at home. The women made me feel so welcome, they new exactly what I needed & wanted and I just left feeling so great after. I just kept coming back and eventually wanted to be here all the time.

As one of our many foodies on staff, what are you craving right now?

I am a HUGE Tres Carnales fan, tacos for sure are a fave and I recently also went to Woodwork with my sister for cocktails and it was mind-blowing. It was SO good, I really loved that place. OH! And Farrow for sandwiches. They are only open morning til 2, so a morning coffee and sandwich place. It is super hipster but it is wonderful and they make fantastic sandwiches. I like that they rotate their menu every day so it’s different. Plus the dudes who work behind the counter are pretty hot, so that helps too!

Be sure to stop by this holiday season to see the new window display Jes has created for the All is Bright neighbourhood window display contest this weekend (November 22nd)  on the High Street.

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