Ten Ways to Rule the Holidays

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December always seems to whiz by, and even though there are 31 days in the month, there’s so much to do and celebrate we can’t help but wish we had a few more. Just in case that Christmas miracle doesn’t happen, LUX is here to help you rule the holiday season and make the most out of these 31 magical days.

1.  Plan ahead to make sure you get everything done in December . By setting yourself mini-deadlines to finish shopping and wrapping, and choosing which holiday events you want to attend in advance you’ll ensure you don’t miss out!

2. Brush up on your cocktail skills to impress your friends and families. Check out our Holiday Pinterest Board for some “Pop Clink Fizz” inspiration.

3.  Brave the winter weather and experience how beautiful our winter city can be.  Try skating under the legislature lights or taking a walk down Candy Cane Lane, and if you’re feeling extremely adventurous try cutting down your own Christmas tree.

4. Take time out of your busy schedule to give back. There are countless local charities that could use your help or donations. Try supporting Suit Yourself by participating in #thisismyLUXmas, donating to the CBC turkey drive or volunteering at the Food Bank for a little extra good karma this time of year.

5. Shop 124 street from home on those coldest December days. Stock up on gifts for yourself and loved ones at your favourite shops while staying toasty warm in bed.

6. Put down your phone and opt to send real cards instead this year. The Artworks and Vivid Print are fully stocked on stunning holiday cards that anyone would be delighted to receive.

7. Embrace your inner shutter bug and remember to snap a few photos everyday. You’ll be so glad you did when December is over in a flash!

8. Curl up inside, and relax while watching your favourite holiday movies and t.v. specials. Oh, and if you happen to sneak some of the holiday baking, we promise not to tell…

9. Break out the sequins, velvet, and red lipstick for a Holiday Glam inspired look. There’s no better time of year to look fabulous and sparkly than December, especially if you happen to find yourself under the mistletoe.

10. Listen to as much Holiday Music as you can while it’s around and to help you with that, here’s a Holiday treat from LUX: our very own LUXmas Playlist!

The LUXmas Holiday Album by LUX Beauty Boutique on Grooveshark

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