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It's time to get fancy. Our calendars are filling with weddings, graduations and other happy events that get us dolled up in our prettiest frocks and shiny shoes. It's the perfect opportunity to amp up our beauty look, and what better (and more glamorous) way to do so than by adding some fluttery false lashes?

It can feel intimidating applying these bold beauties on your own, but never fear! Brittany takes us through some tried and true tips to ensure you get flawless faux lashes every time.

Real talk, the absolute best tip we can give for mastering falsies is...practice! Nothing can replace the value of try, try again when it comes to false lashes, so have patience. It's like riding a bike, once you've got the technique down, you'd be able to do it in your sleep. Why not do a trial run with your lashes a day before your event? 

Start by applying your eye-makeup look (we love pairing lashes with a soft smokey eye). Mascara should be applied to your natural lashes before applying your false lashes. Applying mascara to your falsies can cause build-up and damage, dramatically shortening their life span.

Step 1. Select your lashes. This is the fun part, there are numerous fun and flirty styles of lashes out there to choose from. Try a sexy flared lash like Don't Hate Me for a romantic wedding vibe or a beautiful voluminous lash, like the custom LUX lash, for a natural 'your-lashes-but-better' look. We chose a voluminous, flared pair for our model Lauren.

Step 2. Gently remove lashes from the case with tweezers, taking care not to straighten the band when peeling them off. Maintaining the curve of the lash keeps them comfortable to wear.

Step 3. Lashes will rarely fit your lash line right out of the package, so for comfort and wearabilty, we want to trim them to the perfect size. Close one eye (or hold it closed) and hold the lash to your lash line. Notice the difference from where your natural lash line ends and where the false lash begins. Trim with scissors from the outside of the lash to the correct length. Measure both lashes this way, as each eye might be slightly different sizes. 

The trick here is to use a gentle hand. If you feel more comfortable, trim a small amount, measure it again, and trim again to be sure you don't snip away too much of the lash.

Step 4. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a tissue or tray. Do not apply glue directly to the lashes, as you run the risk of blobbing too much onto the lash. Use the end of a clean bobby pin to scoop up a bit of the glue and apply evenly in a thin line onto one lash. Try not to use a q-tip as it will likely deposit fuzzies into your glue, which you definitely don't want near your eyes. 

Step 5. Let the glue set for about 1 minute until it gets tacky. During this time, bend the lash inwards toward itself. The glue will help hold the curve of the lash, which will keep it comfortable and give it a better fit.

Step 6. Tilt your head back and look down in the mirror so your eyelid is nearly closed. Using tweezers, bring lash right to your lash line and place the lash in position. Use the tweezers to press the lash down. Keep your eyes closed for another minute or two for the glue to set in place. When opening your eyes, gently hold onto your bottom lash line to keep your eyes from sticking shut.

If you are new to false lashes, it might feel strange, or a little heavy wearing them. This is normal and should pass after a few minutes of getting used to them. However if the band is poking you or is sitting too far away from your lash line, you'll want to remove the lash and try again.

Step 7. Repeat steps 4-6 with your second lash. If you used a white lash glue, sweep a bit of liquid eyeliner over the band to blend.

Finish your look with a sweep of powder and your favourite lip colour and you're ready to hit the town.

At the end of your evening, you can save your lashes! Creme de la Creme lashes can be worn up to 30 times if you treat them well. Use an oil-free makeup remover or micellar water on a q-tip and run along your lash line to remove some of the glue before taking them off. Remove slowly from the outside in. Gently clear away any glue gunk from the band and place back in the tray, ensuring the lash is curved. 

And there you have it. Soon you'll be a false lash master, and will have everyone ooh and ahh at your amazing results. Our talented make-up artists also love to teach and apply false lashes, so book an appointment with us before your event and we can get you glammed up from start to finish.

Makeup look done by Brittany.

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