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With this series I’m realizing beyond asking these amazing women what's in their bag, I also need to uncover the secret of “How does she keep it all together?”

Nicole is a lovely customer of LUX, who I always enjoy chatting with when she stops in. Nicole is charismatic, full of class, and has an effortless sense of style. She is no doubt a busy lady between work, the gym, and multiple baseball tournaments. She really is the perfect candidate for “What’s in her bag?”, and graciously let me snoop at her "on-the-go" essentials and what she totes with her everyday.

Lipstick Queen Peachy Nude Saint: This is an excellent colour for the office, going out, or date night. Glide it on and it is super moisturizing easy. Perfect to precisely put together your everyday look.

Illume Clover Leaf Roll-on Perfume: The best mid-day refresher to brighten a dull afternoon at work (we’ve all been there). Subtle but effective, it's great for anyone who doesn't like to wear lots of fragrance. The handy rollerball makes it essential to have in your bag for those nights you want to hit the town.

Bumble Semi Sumo: Will keep your curls looking amazing even after a windy car ride and is great to tame those flyaways when its hot and humid. Also the smell is phenomenal and you can revel in the subtle scent of it in your hair all day.

RMS Makeup Wipes: These wipes make getting rid of left over make-up after the gym a breeze. The super hydrating coconut oils ensures you don’t have the stripping effects of an astringent cleanser. Having them in easy-to-grab packettes are perfect when you can't bring the whole team (Cleanser, Toner, and everything else) to the gym with you.

REN Global Protection Day Cream: A must to have heading out for the day if you don’t know what will come your way. We all know that annoying feeling when your skin feels dry and tight while you are out and about. 

Nicole's Pro Tip: Watch your REN products since they use no-waste vacuum sealed packaging, it may look like they still have a week of product left, but you may only have one or two pumps. SO STOCK UP. Keep a back up on hand at all times to prevent mishaps or busy mornings where you are left without moisturizer.

After our chat, Nicole purchased Medival by Lipstick Queen, Fluffy Bunny ( A summer minty favourite) and a backup of REN Evercalm Global Protection Cream to add to her summer bag must-haves.

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