Endless Summer

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 If Instagram is any measure for how we feel about the depths of winter, then it seems we have one foot stuck in knee deep snow and the other itching to be on a barefoot on a white sand beach. There comes a time when even the most cold-embracing amongst us start to feel the cabin fever and wonder if they'll survive the 3 months until the snow melts.

While we can't make the spring get here sooner, (or stop your bestie from posting pics of her tropical getaway), we can help make you look and feel like summer never ended.


That Summer Glow 

The phrase 'fake it till you make it' applies to these summer-in-a-bottle miracle workers. A number of a LUX ladies seem to have flawless year-round tans thanks to St. Tropez and our make-up artist favourite Rouge Bunny Rouge 'As If Summer Were Still' bronzer. Nervous about using a self tanner? Check out this easy tutorial



Pocketful of Sunshine  

Brighten up your day with a few of these summery inspired accents. Bold polishes and bright lipsticks are a couple of our go to products to break up another snowy day. We've also been treating ourselves to the scents of summer with the new Demi Perfumes in addicting fragrances like Cactus Verde and Coconut Milk Mango. 


Seaswept Locks 

Nothing screams endless summer like beach-tousled hair. Fortunately with SachaJuan Ocean Mist Shampoo and Conditioner your hair can look like it never left the beach year-round. Looking for just a quick boost to add a bit of texture? We can't get enough of Bumble and Bumbles Surf Sprays. 

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