The LUX To Do List: February

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According to tradition, on February 2nd, if the groundhog doesn't see its shadow when it emerges from his home, an early spring is in store. Although there are always mixed reports from (and we're quoting serious journalism here) "high-profile Groundhog Day prognosticators" (aka our furry friends), here in YEG we aren't looking to an underground rodent for proof that Spring is almost here. 
We feel it as the sun rises that touch earlier each day, slowly melting away the winter that clings to the edges of our Northern city. It's that same sun that calls us out to explore and play in the (fingers crossed) final days of winter. 
So this month, as love and romance fill the air with the thick scent of cinnamon hearts, we implore you not to spend February looking for your figurative shadow, but rather to embrace the winter and make the most of the snow and ice while it's still here. Besides, 2/3 high-profile groundhogs think it won't be there for much longer...  

Knock Twice:
Add a little spark to your Valentines Day with the hush hush underground Voilette Burlesque on February 13th. Part speakeasy / part salon, live it up with high end cocktails, fortune tellers, dancing, and jazz singing just to name a few of the tempting treats in store.  Find out more here.
Skate Away: With a theme like ‘Meet Me at Lovers’ Lane’ it’s hard not to swoon for this years Silver Skate Festival. Not interested in the romance? The festival runs Feb 12 - 21 and features everything from fire sculptures to snowshoe races. Find out more here
Join a Gang: Head up 124 st. for the 'Gathering Good Gang' and pay a visit to our neighbours Salgado Fenwick for their local market on Feb. 6 / 7  featuring an amazing collection of Edmonton artisans. Find out more here
Dancing Fools: Looking to pull on your dancing shoes? Our top two picks for busting a move this month are the City Hall Disco Skate and Valentines Dance at Sugar Swing.  
Get Schooled: Learn a new skill (or three) at this semesters Little Brick Home Schooling session. The evening includes a class in the art of topiary from Cory Christopher, how to master pasta making and sample sparkling wines. Find out more here
Patio Season: If the Ice Castles weren’t already a tip off, YEG is embracing winter this year and patios are no exception. The Flying Canoe festival is hosting an Ice Bar on a patio on February 5 / 6 from 6 pm on with a live DJ. Find out more here 

Send Local Love: Trade Facebook notifications and emails for sending out a few love letters this year. Fortunately there are a lot of talented card-makers so finding non-cheesy Valentines has never been easier. We recommend checking out Carbon, Plum Home Design and Habitat Etc for locally made cards. 
Bend for Beauty: The AGA has started up their Yoga in the Gallery sessions giving yogis a chance to find inner peace in front of works of art. Classes run Thursdays from 5.30 - 6.30 and rotate through the galleries. Commit to the full 6-week session or drop in when you have a free evening.  Find out more here

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