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"’Full of garbage and lipsticks.’ That should be my Twitter bio, hey?” - Amanda

“I fully support your use of that Twitter bio.” - Brittany

In our ever-present quest of curiosity, we met up with Amanda to explore the secrets to her glamorous personality and dove into her bag. To say this was one of our most entertaining shares of going through someone’s suitcase, I mean purse, might be an understatement. It’s not often you catch someone right after they’ve gotten home from a trip from Europe and get to look through every item they’ve been toting around with them.

Amanda is a traveler extraordinaire and a LUX Beauty Boutique alumni, with a full personality to match her beautifully put-together sense of style.

On the flip side, though, according to Amanda, taking a look in her bag reveals a whole other, less organized, side to her. And asking, “What’s in your bag?” is an excellent excuse to say, "Amanda, this has to stop! You must clean out your handbag!” And, clean it out she did.

So, let's get started with a fun little tip from her recent trip that I personally think is quite genius! Want to avoid spending your flight talking to the person beside you about his first cousin twice removed? Insert the kitty sleep mask by Catbird. Just slip it on and close out the world until you reach your destination.

Something a little more niche in its use in Amanda's purse is an envelope from the Norwegian Ballet filled with notes and scribbles containing the best adventures for a Norwegian stay. The story of this envelope is quite a gem, as Amanda has a rule of never refusing a nightcap. That nightcap resulted in an evening with colleagues taking in dancing and accepting recommendations for new places to follow.

Amanda's bag held bits of paper ranging from little receipts and notes all the way to full, hard-copy books. The one that caught our eyes was one wildly amazing 70s book called Colour Me Beautiful (actually borrowed from the LUX bookshelf) about finding your palette of colours that work on you best. Imagine this! You go into a clothing store and always know what will make you look stunning. Amanda isn't sure she is convinced about her 'Winter' colouring, but the best part is that a woman, perhaps the original owner, left notes in the book about her journey finding her season. Her handwriting was the most decadent and fancy. Proof that there were LUX ladies in the 70s, they just didn't know it.

The other book Amanda is currently toting around with her is called Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. This book is all about helping people find out what they love to wear and how to spend money in ways that will benefit their closet. Think: fewer pieces but only the ones you LOVE. Amanda totally relates this to cosmetics as well. As she says, "I want to feel like a million pesos when I try something on."

What else is hiding in that purse? Well, she has a few posh items, such as Prosecco gummy bears (from a recent Toronto trip) and a hot pink Holt Renfrew water bottle. In contrast, there are also those things that are pure utility. "I'm in need of basics and one of those basics is cinnamon sugar for my work toast."

Finally, let's get into the beauty items, as that is what everyone is dying to find out more about.

Amanda's best beauty advice is, "Have a lipstick in your bag that you can throw on at any moment and feel great in. And by one lipstick, I mean 10."

"Especially include shades that in a pinch, can be used as a cream blush to tap on some rosy cheeks."

A few final items in Amanda's purse are a Rouge Bunny Rouge face powder for quick touch ups on the road. Naturally, she's also carrying a road map.

"Beauty everywhere you go." Now that should actually be this girl's Twitter bio.

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