Beauty Battle: Brushes vs Beautyblender

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All it takes is your first quality brush to make you realize that having the right tools is just as important as the products we use when creating your work of makeup artistry. We don't often consider the power these 'accessories' have in transforming a once-difficult task into a swift and easy flick of the wrist.

Pretty much since the dawn of makeup has the brush been the tool of choice for applying your makeup, especially for applying a smooth canvas in your primer, foundation and concealer. There are endless options available, but here at LUX, Sigma Brushes are our fave. With synthetic bristles that give soft application and a smooth, professional finish, we thought we had it all figured out. Then, everything changed back in 2003 when the beautyblender hit the scene. This revolutionary makeup sponge brought an effortless, does-it-all vibe that made beauty junkies around the world jump for joy. This pink, egg-shaped sponge bounced and blended product lovingly into our skin, and into our hearts.

With two solid options available we are left wondering, which one is best? The staff and makeup artists at LUX have had plenty of experience with both tools and, believe me, we have plenty to say in the battle of the applicators.

Team Brush

Pros of Brushes

  • Absorbs less product, allowing fuller coverage (and less wasted product)
  • More control and precision for concealers 
  • Longer lasting with proper care/cleaning
  • Very fast once you’ve mastered your technique

Jennifer is our biggest advocate for Team Brush. She says, “As much as I love my beautyblender for RMS concealer and cream blushes, when it comes to foundation, I can't tear myself away from my brush. I find the application quicker, thorough, flawless (I can show you a Mirror Test that will blow your mind!). Plus, I feel so elegant using it.”

As for those with dry skin, Brittany has some additional advice. “Brushes are typically better for dry skin because you don't have to wet them and they don't pull as much on flaky bits.”

Melenie says she definitely has more control with a brush, especially when working with clients. The makeup artists on our team showed a clear preference for brushes when creating looks for others. According to Cassidy, “On clients, I use a foundation brush, just so there isn't as much bouncing and movement on their faces.” However, she added that she is starting to feel the allure of going back to a brush for herself. “I do want to switch to a brush for my personal use though, as I am finding beautyblenders to be expensive replacements!”

Team beautyblender

Pros of BB

  • No pulling or tugging, especially when applying products like concealer around the eye area
  • Travel friendly and does it all (primer, foundation, concealer) because of its shape
  • Beginner friendly. Just dip and blend!

When it comes to the beautyblender, the ease of its use just can’t be beat.

Elizabeth enthusiastically cheers on the fact that it is "Simple, quick and flawless!” while Calissa finds the "application easier" and also notes that "foundation/concealer looks much more natural using it." She votes for beautyblender "all the way!"

The appeal of the blender also converted Katryna from her old application ways.

“Not gonna lie -- I’ve never used brushes for my foundation. Until I got my beautyblender, I pretty much just always used my hands. (To be fair, though, I only wear light coverage/tinted moisturizer-type formulas so you can take that horrified look off your face). I really, really love the effect that I get with the beautyblender. It's so fast, fool-proof and it plays so well with my favourites!"

And the verdict is...

As with most things in the beauty world, a lot of it does depend on your lifestyle, skin type and level of makeup coverage desired! For those who have dry skin, or prefer a full-coverage look, brushes are the way to go. With a little practice, buffing in your foundation with something like a Kabuki brush is fast and flawless.

However, many of our staff favoured the beautyblender for its ease of use and soft effect finish for everyday, lighter coverage products. 

Not sure what is best for you? Stop in to LUX Beauty Boutique for a visit and let our selection brushes and beautyblenders battle it out for your affection!

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