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Delivered to your door and chosen just for you. There’s something so delightful about subscription boxes. The surprise, novelty and introduction to something you might not have chosen for yourself has made them so popular -- but with so many options, how do you know which one to choose? We turned to our LUX ladies and are excited to share some of our secrets to picking subscription boxes we just can’t get enough of! 

Five Tips To Picking the Perfect Subscription Box for You!

1. Choose a box that makes your life easier  

First and foremost, a subscription box should simplify your life, whether it’s cutting out time you would spend running errands, sitting in traffic, or eliminating the hassle of researching products. Kat raves about the Organic Box for this exact reason. "I don't have to get up early on Saturday and leave my house to get local produce?? The ultimate win.” Our Four Season Subscription Box is another box built just for you to make your life easier with all your favourite products delivered right to your door as each season changes (which is especially handy when the temperature drops!). A past subscriber even comments, "I always looked forward to getting the box. I really liked the variety of products I received, and I felt like I got to try several products that I might not have picked out for myself. I'm so happy there's a local beauty box option!"

2. Try using boxes as a tool to learn about new lines and products

"Nicely Noted is amazing," shares Angela. "I'm a stationery junkie and it does all the research for me! I always find a use for the cards. Whether or not I end up buying more from each of the individual letterpress companies, I still enjoy receiving the curated collection in the mail every month." Angela also points out how exciting it can be to discover new favourite lines...without having to put in any work to find them!

3. Check the shipping costs and choose local first 

There’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a product only to be caught off-guard by high shipping costs, the dollar conversion rate or duty fees -- so skip the buyer's remorse and research local alternatives for subscription services instead. "I love the idea of subscription boxes, but the shipping gets me every time," notes Cassidy. "It should be included in the price, and also I can't do a subscription box from the States because of the dollar,” she warns. Some local alternatives we love are FitBox and The Insider Box (from our neighbour Red Ribbon).  

4. Personalize when possible 

Whether choosing a box for weekly organic food or new beauty products, personalizing your profile is so important! Taking the extra time to fill out questionnaires and preferences ensures you get the things you love and helps the shop boxing up your goodies knock it out of the park! At LUX, we take time going through each individual profile to select items based on season skin needs, scent preferences and all the little details you share with us. The Four Seasons Box is truly tailored to each client and no two boxes are ever the same, so it's guaranteed to be as one-of-a-kind as you are! 


5. Don’t be afraid to use subscription boxes to shake up your routine  

As deeply devoted as we may be to our "ride-or-die" product, switching it up every once and a while is a fun way to break out of beauty ruts and explore treats you may not have tried before. The Organic Box inspires just that in Jenn. "I COULD select the contents of my box each week, but it's much more delightful to figure out how to use the items that they choose send me -- some of my favourite recipes (hello, chocolate beet cake!) and produce (parsnips! Who knew?!?) are a result of the Box."



We hope these tips help you when selecting the subscription box that's perfect for you!

If you're interested in joining in on the fun, our next set of Four Season's Subscription Boxes registration cut-off date is January 15, so sign up and experience the delight of hand picked products delivered right to your door! Find out more here

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