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For many of us, we spend so much time during the holidays devoted to our loved ones that we end up with a beauty hangover. Potentially a literal hangover as well. But, all the festivities aside, our hands tend to take the brunt of it all -- from the cold harsh weather, to the hustle at work so you can go home early, to the "I left my mittens somewhere, guess I’m never getting them back." Not to mention wrapping, taping and tying ribbons on those gifts...then spending the last few days opening them all. We are here for you. We get that hustle. Between opening boxes of new goodies, wrapping gifts and helping people find their go-to products, the LUX team definitely knows a thing or two about taking care of our hard-working hands.

Let’s start with our leading lady, the one who started it all, and her excellent advice. You might be surprised by what she says!

“I love facial oils - in particular, RMS beauty oil and Indie Lee Squalane - and I'm always sure to apply to the backs of my hands as well as my face. If there is excess, I rub into my nails. I also layer my hands with the richest skin cream I have (this is is great way to get use out of skincare that didn't quite work for you). My hands seem to dehydrate and shrivel so quickly, so I am obsessed with laying the richest, penetrating skincare I own. I know this isn't really nail specific, but I think nice hands are a big step in wanting to show off your nails.”
- Jennifer Grimm, Owner and CVO, LUX Beauty Boutique

Some unexpected products can really do your nails justice. This is a creative plan for anyone who struggles with eczema throughout the winter. Isn’t it also an excellent idea to use those face products up that you wouldn't otherwise use? They may be exactly what your hands need. Leave it up to our resident nail expert to tell us what gift we should be buying for ourselves this month.

“Invest in the DL cuticle lab. It's worth every penny. The tool and melty stuff is amazing!”
- Mel

If you've celebrated the Holidays with gel nails and glitter polish - not to mention harsh weather - Deborah Lippmann's Cuticle Lab is a perfect solution. This tool works wonders to clean up your nail beds, and the cuticle oil is a LUX must addition to our winter routine. Keeping the Cuticle Butter by your bedside makes it convenient to use as an overnight nail treatment. We're always fans of products that do the job and are efficient to use.

We also have a new kit from Deborah Lippmann called the Come Fly With Me essentials. After my years of being on the LUX the sales floor, I can tell you that nail care kits are an extremely popular gift option for the person who is hard to buy for. This one includes all the tools you need in nailcare to get you through the party season, the new year and beyond! It even includes a signature red polish and comes in a posh little bag for those winter getaways.

We LUX ladies find that the op to paint up our nails can be a great motivator for committing to getting out of the house during the cold and dark winter nights. There are endless colour options, but there’s nothing we can suggest more than a rich red or a deep green from Jin Soon. One of the best tips for pulling off a flawless manicure starts with a Q-tip and the Deborah Lippmann Lavender Nail Polish Remover. Rubs some Remover over bare nails before applying your base coat to completely get rid of oils and moisture to make your mani last longer. If you make a mistake with the paint, take some remover on the Q-tip and sweep it around the base of your cuticles. No one has to know that your high-fashion manicure was a last minute beauty add-on.

In 2017, may your hands and nails stay nourished, your manicure flawless, and all beauty disasters avoided.

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