Spring has Sprung at LUX

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Today I am beyond excited to share with you a sneak peek of our spring favorites collection. Combining staff favourites, trends and new releases from brands, we've created a collection that, to us, is everything for spring 2018. These are products that we like to change up in our routines, that make us feel fresher, lighter, as if we are casting away the literal and proverbial layers of winter.

More than just simply creating a group of products, we wanted to capture the spirit of this renewal and bring it to life. To do that, we rounded up a diverse group of local boss babes who each brought their unique talents and energy to the table.

We spent the day shooting at the home of LUX owner Jennifer. A colourful space flooded with sunshine and greenery that radiated positive energy in the magic that we were creating. I marveled at watching the action unfold, each woman an expert in her own way, building towards this unified goal. None of this would have been possible without this team of impeccable women.

So a thank you to Diana, Chantal and Emilie, our gorgeous and effervescent models, Dallas for capturing our vision and the day with grace and ease, Amanda for styling the women with a sharp and editing eye, and most certainly to Hala, Melenie and Cassidy, our LUX makeup artists who created stunning looks.

As an extra bonus (and just in time for fashion revolution week), all the clothing and accessories featured in the photos are second hand, graciously provided by Life Preloved and Blogger Armoire (with a few gems from Amanda's stash to complete the look). We were excited to play with this challenge of creating a fresh new look without consuming anything new.

It was a labour of love to research, consult with the team, and ultimately pick the products that made the cut, but ultimately, springtime is a state of mind and we love helping you find the special something that brings you there. We hope this leaves you feeling fresh, renewed and excited for the season ahead. Stop by and let us help you find that new pretty thing that makes you feel that energy of the season. 

You can shop our spring 2018 favourites collection here.

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