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Spring Favourites 2018

Our top picks for the warm weather seasons. Find out how we chose the best of the best HERE.
  • Coq-10 Toner
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    Indie Lee

    Coq-10 Toner



    What it is: An alcohol-free, skin-balancing toner that hydrates, refreshes and removes excess shine.

    How it works: The powerful antioxidant CoQ10 soothes the skin while aloe vera calms and naturally-derived hyaluronic acid imparts deep hydration.

    Why you like: We love it as a post-gym refreshing toner - just a swipe leaves skin bright and nourished.

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  • Beauty Blender Sponge
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    Beauty Blender

    Beauty Blender Sponge


    Pro Pink
    Pro Nude
    Pro Purple
    Pro Black
    Light Pink
    Red - Limited Edition
    Beauty Queen
    Electric Violet

    What it is: The revolutionary beauty tool that will transform your make-up routine in ways you never thought possible.

    How it works: Dampen the blender and watch it expand into a blissfully soft sponge. Edge-free surface provides the most even coverage while the tapered shape follows all contours of your face.

    Why you like: The perfect stocking stuffer for every gal on your list beauty junkies and novices alike.

    Which do you prefer? BeautyBlender or brushes?

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  • Rosehip Cleanser
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    Indie Lee

    Rosehip Cleanser



    What it is: All-natural gentle cleanser for all complexions that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple

    How it works: Rosehip Seed Oil, Red Seaweed extracts and Vitamins A, C and E leave skin calmed, nourished and protected from the elements, in a formula excellent for sensitive skin.

    Why you like: Pair the Rosehip Cleanser with your Clarisonic and you will have an unstoppable skincare duo that will leave you feeling more radiant than ever.

     Try it with this Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

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  • Liquid Seas of Illumination
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    Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Liquid Seas of Illumination



    What it is: A kiss of sunshine for your face and body in three glistening shades.

    How it works: Enriched with antioxidants, this silky liquid can be used to hilight your arms, legs, decollete, or face. Blend with your moisturizer or foundation for just a touch of glow.

    Why you like:  Fresh-faced summer glow is at your fingertips all year long.

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  • Raw Coconut Oil
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    Raw Coconut Oil



    What it is: Raw, cold-pressed coconut oil that covers your beauty needs from head to toe (and inside, too).

    How it works: Forget that giant jar of cooking oil you bought at the grocery store. SkinNY's wild harvested coconuts are never heated, which leaves the oil as pure, high quality as can be, with an alkaline Ph that is loved by your skin.

    Why you like: Naturally antiseptic and extremely nourishing, coconut oil revives your skin, hair, and even pulls toxins from your body.

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  • Seraphine Headband
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    Seraphine Headband


    Midnight Garden
    Hawaiian Paradise
    Seraphine Monochrome
    Blue Mosaic
    Pink Geometric
    Aqua Stripe
    Green Floral
    Bird Paradise
    Pink Floral
    Rope Lattice
    Neutral Palm
    Dark Tropics
    Gypsy Princess
    Napa Valley

    What it is: Chic and glam headbands that keep your hair out of your way and clean as you apply makeup, masks and more.

    How it works: Quick dry spandex protects your hairline while adorable prints and patterns accessorize any loungewear outfit.

    Why you like: This is our LUX-fave pick for besties birthday gifts!

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  • Jet Set Precision Hairspray
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    Philip B

    Jet Set Precision Hairspray



    What it is: Ultra-light hairspray that gives volume, texture and a medium, soft-to-touch hold.

    How it works: Spritz on before heading out the door for an all-day, secure style or add volume by applying to damp roots before blow drying. Want a little more definition? Spray into towel-dried hair then style as usual for the ultimate cool-girl texture.

    Why you like: Bouncing, gleaming, frizz-free hair in any situation.

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  • Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial
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    What it is:That refreshing morning jolt that revitalizes your skin and starts your day off right.
    How it works:��Water-activated gentle vitamin C beads burst on your skin when you apply, then set for 1 minute to see immediate firming, toning and smoothing.
    Why you like:��Voted Best Skin Care Innovation by Elle Magazine, this unique morning facial will have you questioning whether you ever need a salon facial ever again!
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  • Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
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    St. Tropez

    Self Tan Bronzing Mousse


    What it is: Smooth-applying, lightweight, creamy mousse that glides for a natural, streak-free tan.
    How it works: Exfoliate and moisturize your skin, then apply in circular motions all over then let dry. Flawless
    Why you like: With St. Tropez, you never need to fear a self-tan horror story. Fool-proof and simple, you'll look like you simply spend your weekends off the coast of France.
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  • Pure Powder Glow
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    Kevyn Aucoin

    Pure Powder Glow



    What it is:  The key to the perfect flush that works with your natural skin tones.

    How it works: Feather-weight powder formlua kisses the skin with a hint of color with a light touch.

    Why you like:  Pair and play with other looks, mix and match tones for dynamic vibrancy.


    Natura, Shadore: Perfect neutral tones for a summer kiss.

    Fira, Dolline: Warm tones for a pretty blush.

    Myracle, Neolita: Adds vibrancy, great for mature skin.

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  • Illuminating Moisturizer
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    Tata Harper

    Illuminating Moisturizer


    What it is: A softening, complexion perfecting moisturizer with light-diffusing luminescence for a glow-from-within finish.

    How it works: Diamond dust and a special blend of minerals provide a soft-focus veil while hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates for fresh and glowing skin.

    Why you like: You'll be s radiant you might even want to skip your foundation today

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  • Clarifying Cleanser
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    Tata Harper

    Clarifying Cleanser


    What it is: A cleanser specifically for blemish prone skin that targets concerns and leaves skin comfortably matte and balanced.

    How it works: Foaming gel gently combats oils without drying out the skin, Willow bark contains natural salycylic acid to fight blemishes and aloe provides a cooling sensation that reduces redness.

    Why you like: Bonus tip from Tata, use as a flash cooling mask, apply and leave on 1-2 minutes before rinsing with warm water for an instant refresh.

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  • Wild With Desire Lipstick
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    RMS Beauty

    Wild With Desire Lipstick


    Vogue Rose
    Brain Teaser
    Pretty Vacant
    Flight of Fancy
    Magic Hour
    Unbridled Passion

    What it is: The highly anticipated, curated collection of all-natural lipsticks from Rose Marie Swift.

    How it works: Luxurious satin-finish and richly pigmented shades enriched with RMS Beauty Oil for lip pampering and shine.

    Why you like: From natural to bold, theres a shade for all styles and skin tones.

    Pretty Vacant: vivacious pink
    Breathless: blush nude
    Brain Teaser: medium pink nude
    Vogue Rose: rose tone coral
    Rebound: ruby red

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  • Eau de Parfum
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    Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Eau de Parfum



    What it is: A collection of rich and dynamic fragrances, each with a unique scent story and fascinating combination of notes.

    How it works: Crisp and fresh Allegria feels like a summer mojito, with notes of bergamont, grapefruit, mint, basil and moss.

    Cinnamon, green apple, sandalwood and vanilla creates a cozy, lumberjack scene in Vespers.

    Chatoyant is a complex and sensual scent with notes of lemon, orchid, jasmine and cedarwood.

    Why you like: Scents unlike any you've experienced before, you'll have the compliments flowing in.

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  • True Skin Serum Foundation
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    Formentera SF1
    Tavarua SF2
    Texel SF3
    Milos SF8
    Kapiti SF12
    Macquarie SF13
    Bonaire SF9.5
    Martinique SF11
    Bedarra SF8.5
    Corsica SF3.5
    Sable SF0.5
    Mallorca SF1.5

    What it is: A complexion perfecting, serum-infused foundation that is equal parts skin care and coverage.

    How it works: Weightless and buildable with a natural, silky finish. Aloe, rosehip, jojoba and marula oils sooth redness, plump fine lines and creates a radiant glow.

    Why you like: Weightless, natural, and fresh for spring.

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