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It's the end of a hectic week. You pour a glass of wine, light some candles, run the water for a warm bubbly bath and go to choose a face mask to complete the picture. Do you reach for a calming one? Hydrating one? What about a firming or decongesting one? Suddenly, all the zen we started to create evaporates.

Okay, so I'm being a touch dramatic, but seriously, it can be difficult to decide what mask would be best for our skin. Especially since we have different skin care concerns in different areas. Why would we compromise getting the results we want, where we want them? Enter Multi-masking.

The concept has been floating around the beauty world for a little while now and we had to try it out ourselves. Essentially, the idea is to use different masks in areas for your specific concerns. Using the diverse range of masks from GlamGlow, we mapped our faces and masked up. It was fascinating how everyone had a unique combination but we all left feeling refreshed, polished and glowing.


"On my forehead, I have GravityMud, as this is a area where I most notice premature aging. This mask temporarily plumps out the fine lines, but it also infuses anti-aging antioxidants to help prevent more wrinkles in the future (yes, I am very self aware of my forehead wrinkles).

"On my nose and cheeks, I have the SuperMud mask to minimize and decongest my pores. On the sides of my face, I have ThirstyMud which is one of my favorites. I find that the sides of my face and my neck get neglected, so I wanted to infuse hydration to make up for all the times I forgot to put serum/moisturizer there.

"Lastly, on my chin I have the YouthMud. It is my ALL time favorite mask, as I love the exfoliating aspect of it, as well as the burn. It is a good burn though! It's a tingling that makes it feel like the mask ingredients are moving deeper and deeper into the skin (it also has anti-aging benefits, and I will take all the preventative measures I can get.)" 


"I used a touch of SuperMud in my nose crevasse to clear out and minimize my pores and GravityMud on my forhead and jaw for some toning and lift. I then applied the Tata Harper Resurfacing mask everywhere else. I'm allergic to so many things, which limits my choices. I like this mask because I have super dry skin so firming and resurfacing products tend to work super well."


"I started with SuperMud on my forehead to get rid of all the congestion in my pores, followed by the FlashMud on my cheekbones to reduce pigmentation from sun damage. I specifically targeted GravityMud on my glabella lines (frown lines) and nasolabial folds (around my mouth) and under my chin to keep my skin firm and tight. Lastly, just a touch of ThirstyMud on my eyelids and crow's feet for deep hydration and fullness around my eyes and Youthmud everywhere else to deeply exfoliate to prevent fine lines."


"I am a huge fan of the SuperMud and chose it for my forehead because of my oily skin type and enlarged pores. The SuperMud sucks out excess oil and temporarily makes my pores smaller. It also clears up unwanted blemishes! I used it on my jawline as well because that can be a problem area for where I get "monthly demons" and wait until you see what comes out of the pores on my nose. SHOCKING.

"GravityMud was the obvious choice for my cheeks. I want to keep that area looking firm and plump! For my chin, I used PowerMud. This is an area where my skin is very normal, but prone to congestion if care is not taken. PowerMud is a dual cleanser that removes impurities and deeply cleanses the skin."


"I chose GravityMud on my forehead to lessen the (tiny) wrinkles that are showing up there, and some ThirstyMud on my cheeks because I felt some dryness creeping in as the weather changes. SuperMud was the best for on my chin and nose because oh lordy was I breaking out when these pictures were taken."


"SuperMud is perfect for clearing out my pores so I used it on my nose to reduce their appearance. I also used it as a spot treatment to fight blemishes on my lower cheeks. I followed that with the rich hydration of ThirstyMud to combat the dry skin on my forehead, then used the GravityMud from my temples to my upper cheeks to give me those sexy contours."

Let us help you find your perfect multi-mask combination. Visit us in store or give us a call at 780-451-1423. What are you waiting for? Round up your gals and have a face-mapping, multi-masking girls' night in!

*Beautiful mud-mask portraits by Cassidy Cooper

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