The Holiday Sneak Peek

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Waiting is one of the hardest parts about the holidays. We wait all year to listen to Christmas music, to send cards with loving messages, and to roll up our sleeves and bake enough treats to feed the North Pole. We simply can't help it; Christmas brings out the impatient 8 year old in all of us. 

Everyone at LUX has been waiting for our holiday reveal of our fabulous holiday selection. It's hard to believe, but some of those treats that arrive in December, our purchaser selects as early as July. Monica is responsible for selecting the best of the best for us and took a few minutes to talk holiday stock. Mostly she satisfied our uncontrollable desire to unwrap our presents early by letting us give you a little LUX Holiday sneak peek! 

How you decide what to bring in for the Holidays?

It's always a little nerve wracking but luckily I don't work alone. I know if the LUX team loves it our clients will too.

When is the best time to shop for specific gift sets / limited edition things / stocking stuffers?

Gift sets are the first to go! I would check that off the list first.
I never had a stocking as a kid so I'm always interested to hear what people fill them with! So far I've gathered it's practical, creative or funny and we have all those basis covered all season long.

What new brand are you the most excited about?

We have some great new body care brands coming in this season. BabeScrub is a natural and certified organic (vegan & cruelty free) brand from Australia that will detoxify, nourish and heal your skin. The packaging is gorgeous so it's beautiful on the inside and out. I'm also really excited about Spitfire Girl is a line of bath salts and bath elixirs with the most unique scents like Oud & Tabacco and Mimosa Cassis. 

Is it as fun as it sounds, spending your day buying beautiful pretty things to fill our little store with?

We recently did our holiday flip and seeing all the pretty things finally in the store was so rewarding. So yes, the answer is yes.

What part of the holidays do you most look forward to?

I love Christmas music. I pretty much listen to it for 2 months straight. If anyone in the store hears some off tune but pretty spectacular rendition of White Christmas it's me and you're welcome.


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