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Even though she's one of our youngest LUX girls, Posy knows her way around every product in the store like nobody's business. In fact, she would come in weekly to try something new and treat her parents to the LUX experience before she was even on the payroll. She's multi-talented, hilarious and we love having her at the store every weekend. Watch the video or read her interview below to get to know Posy!



Hi, my name is Posy and I have been at LUX for just over two years now. I usually work Saturdays because I am still in school.  I think this is such a great environment, it's so fun. I don't even really feel like I am at a job, I am just doing something that I really love.

That's so true! Some of our staff knew you pretty well before you started here. What made you decide to come work with us?

I used to come in all the time and I would just sell my parents products. I'd be like "oh Mom, you should try this one because of this". I really loved the products and introducing them to my parents and telling them all about it. I found it really interesting and thought it was fun. It was like show and tell to me. So why not do it all the time for other people!

Of all the products in the store, are you able to pick a favourite?

Okay I LOVE Tata Harper. I could talk about Tata Harper all day. Everyday.

I love Tata's Hydrating Floral Essence. I literally think it is the best toner, it's so moisturizing and I think you actually see results when you use it.

What do you love best about working in the beauty industry?

I think it's just amazing with makeup, one day you can have a dramatic look, and the next day you can have a more simple look. And I think, well, there's always a new product! This industry isn't limited. You can always get  another lipstick or something. There's always something new and exciting you can try, and I feel like it's so versatile and so much fun. And it's not just makeup, it can be with skincare, or body care, or even candles.

The beauty industry can make you feel really really good about yourself because you can always just change up the way you look, and change the way you feel.

After years of working with all these products, what is your best little tip or trick?

If you are putting on lipstick and it's really firm, i'll take the lip pencil or the lipstick and make a little 'x' on my cupid's bow. Like from the top corner down and on the other side. It makes it so much easier, then you can just shade it in afterwards. I think it's great. I actually think that is one of the first tips I was taught when I started working here.

Other than LUX, where do you like to shop?

I love Miss Boss...I can't go in there though because I will just buy everything. I can't go in much but I do love it. Oh I love Red Ribbon too. We have really good neighbours.

Anything else exciting happening for you this summer?

I'm actually working on an EP demo cd. So, i'm excited about that. I'm starting it next week with my singing teacher. I've been doing a lot of song writing and working on the music lately. I'm also really hoping to go to Folk Fest, and Of Monsters and Men and Lord Huron I really want to see.

I'm really just excited for the summer because you get to wear dresses. And I like dresses.




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