Scents and Sensibility

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The power of scent should never be underestimated; it is so closely tied to memory that we are hardwired for it to impact us emotionally. With memory and scent so interwoven, it's no wonder that choosing a signature scent can be a daunting task. You want it to reflect who you are and how people will remember you, but unlike being able to fill out a Seventeen Magazine quiz to determine 'your ideal scent in 7 questions' (remember those?!) standing in a shop staring at endless choices can feel overwhelming. 

Years ago when Marilyn was famously quoted for only wearing Chanel to bed it was customary to own a single 'signature' scent, but now in the 21st century we are presented with so many choices it's hard to stick with just one. Many of our clients own multiple scents they are free to rotate through depending on their mood. As such, instead of listing scents by the stereotypical 'type' of woman they are made for, we are featuring Royal Apothic perfumes by the emotions and memory we find their scents evoke.

Let's Get Away
ft. Velvet Dahlia

Catch yourself dreaming of wandering barefoot under a trellis of wildflowers at dusk, sipping red wine? Velvet Dahlia perfume is the scent equivalent of that vacation. Musky with notes of bergamot, vetiver and jasmine, balance the honeydew and ginger leaving a scent that evokes a sultry and subtle escape just waiting to happen. 

How Sweet It Is ft Noble Carnation 

Remember trying to cloak yourself in the scent of cotton candy as a tween? Consider this scent the adult version of that delicious sweetness. Hints of black currant, undercut by sandalwood and violet leaf result in a light, tantalizing smell. 

Walk Through The Garden ft. English Rose 

Although all of the Royal Apothic perfumes feature a primary strong floral note, none smell quite as classically floral as English Rose. A clean cut scent, like newly press'd laundry or like the earth post thunderstorm, English Rose feels timeless, fresh and, in spite of it's lineage, anything but dated. 

These are just three of our favourite scents from Royal Apothic, but we encourage you stop in and try out the full line. They make perfect gifts (hint hint for Mother's Day) and are a great way to inspire some new scent memories of your own! 

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