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There is nothing more gratifying than hearing success stories from our amazing LUX Makeup Class students!  One of our students, K, recently wrote to tell us why she loves the classes and the top 5 things she learnt! Thanks K!

“I was first introduced to the great staff at LUX Beauty Boutique when I signed up to help a fav Sherwood Park athletic wear store introduce some of their yoga pieces and accessories by modeling some items from their store during a special LUX event in August 2011. I couldn’t believe I had never been introduced to this store before! I had frequented the high street area regularly in past years but failed to realize there was such a gem just off the beaten path. While I was waiting to have my modeling debut I wandered around drinking in all of the wonderful scents and trying various testers. I came across the flyer on the bulletin board for the Make Up 101 class happening in a couple of weeks. I instantly decided I was going to sign up. At 32yrs of age I am one of the many women who did not have a sister or guiding female to show her how to properly apply make-up and therefore never understood the benefits of taking the extra bit of time to purchase the right products and use the right tools. I’ve had the same wallet sized make up bag with one mascara, one eye liner, a tube of foundation, lipstick and small peach blush pot for 20 yrs. From the moment I stepped into the store and saw the individual make up stations set up and the other 5 or 6 nervous, make-up-challenged ladies I felt at ease. Sarah and Lauren were so knowledgeable and had a lot of patience. I learned so many new things and helpful tips and I could not stop starring at myself in the rear view mirror on my way home! I had a face….my eyes popped, and my skin had a new rosy, shimmery soft look. I fell in love with the store and all of their lovely products right then and there. I was able to attend the 201 session in the fall and hope to make it to some of the specialty holiday classes in 2012. Thanks so much for the enlightening experience! Although it may seem minor to some it has literally changed my day to day life and I take much pleasure and joy in adding to my awesome makeup and product collection. LUX Boutique is my guilty pleasure of choice!”


Top 5 things I’ve learned from the awesome ladies at LUX Boutique:

1) Blend, Blend, Blend

2) Primer and color-correcting One steps are your very bestest BFFs

3) Quality tools and brushes are just as important as the products you apply to your skin

4) Although you may spend more in a specialty boutique then a department store, higher quality products last longer and are better for your skin

5) Blood orange is not just a yummy sweet Italian fruit, it’s a to-die-for heavenly scent for a body cream.

Interested?  Check out our next set of Makeup Classes!

Makeup 101- Sunday March 4

Makeup 201-Sunday March 18

Special Event Makeup-Sunday March 25

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