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You can imagine how working at LUX lends to an over flowing bathroom.  Being beauty junkies surrounded by the best brands means that we try a lot of product.  As much as we’re addicted to the new, there are going to be those star items that you reach for again and again.  I asked my staff to share their top ten can’t-live-without LUX products.  Of all responses, there were twenty items that showed up again and again on our lists.  When you’re selected repeatedly by a group of beauty junkies as being an essential, you know you’re a keeper.


Tonight in Hollywood, they’re handing out gold statues to the favourites in the film industry. Today, I’m giving gold stars to our personal picks for must-have products. Enjoy!


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March is Makeup Month!


Whether you’re just getting in to cosmetics or are a long-time junkie, we have an event designed just for you.


MAKEUP 101: Have you ever said “one of these days, I should really learn how to put on makeup?”  This fun, interactive class goes back to the basics.  Learn how to choose and apply products such as foundations, blush and eyeshadow.  Our expert artists will walk you through step-by-step- as you apply the products yourself in a safe and friendly environment.  End the class with new confidence!  SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 12 & 2 PM

MAKEUP 201:  Now that you know how to apply the basics, take it to the next level with colour.  Desicouver how to choose your eyes’ most flattering shades (and why you’re not limited to those).  Learn to determine which blush and lip colours appear more natural or dramatic on your own skin.  Just like in 101 our expert artists walk you through step-by-step so you can feel confident trying out a completely new look.  SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 12 PM & 2 PM

SPECIAL EVENT MAKEUP:  Are you attending a wedding or grad this spring?  Ladies, you know those photos are going to wind yp on Facebook.  Ensure you stay the belle of the ball all event long (no shiny noes or raccoon eyes here).  Practice step-by-step how to choose and apply your most flattering shades for a true long-wear photo-friendly face.  Great for Monters, Bridesmaids, Grads and guests.  SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 12 PM & 2PM



FOUNDATION FOCUS:  Let our experts help you find your perfect foundation match and we’ll give you a free one week sample.  MARCH 5 to 15

STILA SPRING COLOURS LAUNCH:  Book in with our visiting Stila cosmetics expert for a full private makeup session and gift with purchase.  Save the date and watch this space for more details.  MARCH 23 & 24

NAIL ART WORKSHOP:  Come in for our custom nail polish tutorials wtih exclusive take-home cheat sheet.  MARCH 26 to APRIL 1




1) Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo & Conditioning Creme:

This luxurious duo is a “special treat for my hair.  Super hydrating, soothes my scalp and leaves me with crazy glossy locks. ” We lick how it “smells awesome, lathers until the cows come home.  It leaves your hair feeling whole again, like it never saw colour or heat a day in its life.”  Summed up as “Ultimate luxury!  Gloriously bouncy, shiny healthy hair & I want to get high off this scent!”

2) Bumble & bumble Prep:

This hardworking product “doesn’t weigh hair down or make it greasy/crunchy.  It prolongs the life and effectiveness of my styling products and makes my hair look like I spent a lot more time on it than I actually did.”  We like how it “saves me oodles of time managing my long, tangle-prone hair each morning after my shower.”  Thanks to how it “detangles, conditions and refreshes (for restyling) my hair”, you’ll find a bottle in each of our bathrooms.

3)Bumble & bumble Thickening Spray:

As the name says, this product “honest to god makes thinning heair appear thicker.  Gives loads of long-lasting volume to all hair types.  The product that made me not dread blow-drying.”  Blow-dry pay-off is a repeated hit: “This gives my hair structure and ensure that the time I spend styling it in the morning isn’t in vain.”  But volume isn’t the only advantage: “Thickening Spray is the only product that holds curl in my hair!  I cannot live without it!”

4) Bumble & bumble Texture Creme:

Our short, stylie hairdos “LOVE this product!  Great volume, texture, control, and EASY to use!”  Messier, undone styles get “the perfect amount of hold and ‘grit’ to the hair so it can hold volume and shape even right after shampooing.”

5) Bumble & bumble Brilliantine:

Our long-haired ladies “have used this forever: a little hold, a little shine, no fly aways, a polishes yet slept in look.”  It’s a consistent favorite because “a quick smear after I blow dry takes my hair from puffball to perfect.”

6) Various Phyto daily shampoos:

Though we didn’t single our a particular shampoo, Phyto came up again and again as a fave daily brand.  OUr picks range from Densium (“it builds great body into my hair and keeps the greys away!”) to Jojoba “because it makes my hair feel like it should naturally, not like a silicon slick.”  In all, “hair feels clean.  Zeo residue, no weight, no rats nest after the shower.  Switched to Phyto and got comments on the “remarkable” difference in my hair”.




1) Sara Happ The Lip Slip:

A store full of lipsticks and glosses only look as good as the lip beneath them.  The Lip Slip is a “LIP SAVER!!! Within 5 minutes of applying, your once-shriveled lips are perfect and plump.  I use this on every make up I do!”  But even alone, this “makes my lips go from average to Angelina just with the magic of good hydration, tint and a little shimmer in one swipe.”

2) Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner:

The LUX ladies know that one of the easiest ways to look polished is with eyeliner, espeically one that “goes on dark and stays on for hours, no matter what I have planned that day.”  Stila’s is “super easy way to dress up my eyes whether I’ve got the full smokey going on or just mascara.  Deep jewel colours, hint of shimmer, and lasts the whole day well in to night.  Amazingness.”

3)Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioners:
This Canadian brand launched last spring and quickly found its way into our hearts: “My favorite lipstick of all time! Long-wearing and keeps my lips moisturized.”  Ilia offers “the perfect balance between pigment and sheer.  It lasts a long time AND it feels great on the lips.”  We just love how its “conditioning and really pretty colour is perfect for anytime and anywhere”.

4) Geisha Ink Ultra-Volume Mascara:

Mascara is a beauty staple, and we demand a lot of it.  Geisha delivers with “the fibre-rich formula & beautiful brush that has never failed to stand up to my waterworks.” We love that we “don’t have to worry about getting ‘raccoon eyes’ half way through my day.”  When you hear “I cannot live without! Waterproof, perfect lashes, every time!”, you know you’ve got a keeper.

5) butter LONDON 3 Free Lacquer:

A line up of nail polish bottles brings so much happiness, it’s hard to narrow it down to a fave.  But there are a few staples that came up again and again: modern classics like “deep red that will never go out of style” La Moss and “deep, shimmery, purple perfection” Branwen’s Feathers ; and the other end of the saturation spectrum, “versatile, goes great with anything, does not look horrendous if it chips a little” Yummy Mummy.



1) Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie! Shea Butter Cream:

For the legions of fans who scoop this up every month, this pick should come at no surprise.  “I love this product because it smells delicious and it is a really great moisturizer.”  Whoopie Cream “takes care of the nasty scaly patches on my legs and leaves my skin smelling like a cupcake.”  This guy packs a serious hydration punch, but wins our hearts because “It smells good enough to eat!  Need I say more?”

2) Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil:

We’ve written many words about this “Awesome!” multi-tasker.  We’re not exaggerating when we say “I love how hydrating and multipurpose it is.”  Adara wins a permanent place on our shelves because it provides “healthy-friendly antibacterial hydration from head to toe.  You can even cook with it in a pinch.  One of the only products I’ve used up multiple times.”

3) Marvis Toothpaste:

Go in to any of our bathrooms and you’re guaranteed to find one of these beautiful Italian tubes of “AWESOME flavours that give me super clean teeth all day.”  We “love brushing with Marvis because it actually gets my teeth clean and the unique flavours take away the morning blahs.”  It’s at the point where we “can’t use drug-store toothpaste anymore because they taste like I’m brushing my teeth with sugar.  Even my dentist recommends Marvis!”

4) Principessa Bianco Breeze dry shampoo:

This little hair treat has emerged as a beloved secret weapon:  “I used to hate dry shampoos and didn’t think they worked, until I tried this.  Ahh, glorious second day hair!”  It does such a good job of  “reducing daily hair washing by absorbing excess oil and product buildup”, we’ve all got one.  This dry shampoo “has been one of the biggest game changes in the care and style of my hair.  It lets me shampoo less often, but still wear my hair down for a few days.  My hair have never been healthier or longer, because it is not dried out from over washing.”

5) Voluspa Coconut Wax Candle:  It’s impossible to show off these beautiful candles all day without amassing a colelction of your own.  They burn so nicely and scent up a large space so quickly, it’s no wonder that Voluspa-especially the citrus scents-repeatedly earned a mention as a “can’t live without”.




1) skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash:

Products that do the job simply and effectively are always going to rise to the top.  This creamy, foaming cleanser “saved my face this year.  Stress acne has been my number one enemy.  This facewash cleans out pores without overdrying or irritating.”  We are loyal because it’s “gentle enough to not make me break out but still gives that “Squeaky clean” feel.”

2) Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask:

Reading all the rave reviews for this “Awesome!” mask has made me eager to try.  It “smells like orange jam, is packed full of Vit C and Omegas to brighten and soften” and leaves skin felling soft and smooth without being irritated and red.”  It’s a staff fave because it provides “Super smooth minimized pores, a refined look & an oh-so-silky feel to my skin.  Best of all, no redness or burning & it smells AMAZING!” Off to buy one, now!

3) JMO Vitamin C Anti-aging Face Serum:

We have had many gorup discussions extolling the virtues of this easily-overlooked serum, so it’s no surprise that we repeatedly listed it among our top ten.  “Other C serums can be sticky and stinky.  This is the best!  Has a watery texture so it’s easy to apply all over my face and neck and best of all it smells nice.” Or, more succinctly, “doesn’t smell like rotten oranges!”

4) Intense Therapy Lip Balm 25:

LUX ladies and customers agree about this “best lip balm ever! Always keeps my lips hydrated and has a high SPF.”  We appreciate its “super-hydrating, long-lasting moisture, nice matte finish for a natural look, and love the tube design.”  It’s number one because “we live in Edmonton, it’s BEYOND dry.  Can’t live without this.  ‘Nuff said.”

5) Various REN day & night moisturizers:

Like Phyto shampoos, we didn’t single out a particular moisturizer, but did mention REN again and again as a favourite brand.  “(Global Protection) gives the perfect amount of antioxidant-packed moisture & neutralizes all the redness.  Fabulous base for my makeup and it cocktails well with all my fave serums.  Perfect!!”  We rely on how “(Ultra Moisture) hydrates and smoothes.  It goes with me everywhere.”  REN moisturizers are so good, “first time in my life I used the whole tube of ANY skin product straight through.  Perfect amount of moisture, no stickiness, no breakouts.”




Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System:

Never in the history of LUX has a product been so immediately and passionately embraced by the staff.  Listen to the raves:

“I LOVE Clarisonic!! I’ve NEVER received such huge pay off for such a small amount of effort from any other product before.  AND it makes all my other products work better!!”

“Pretty, portable and effective.  I’ve never had people tell me I have beautiful skin until I got my Mia.  I can never go back !”

“Before Clarisonic, my skin has never been so clear and smooth! My makeup sits better on my face too!”

“I love how Clarisonic makes my skin feel soft and smooth with a radiant glow, but most of all I loven ot being suprised by randow breakouts every day!”

“Clarisonic has 1000% transformed my skin.  Makes my other skin products work better.  I will never stop using this.”

Beauty junkies like us love sharing our finds!  Call 780-451-1423 or email to order or set aside any of the above.  We’re have to help.

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