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For all of you lucky ducks headed off to Gallagher park this weekend for Edmonton’s Folk Festival, here’s a list of essentials necessary to survive the weekend in style courtesy of Brownwen, our resident Folk Fest guru.

Bye-bye Buggies

Lemon, lavender & eucalyptus essential oils all keep mozzies away, though you do need a fairly high concentration for it to be entirely effective on it’s own.  100% Pure and Adara make great moisturizers with the bug diverting oils that you could use to top up your repellant, and stay soft and smooth as well.

Stay Burn Free

Looking past the health concerns that sunburns may bring, they’re just plain painful! No one wants to spend their weekend thinking more about their burnt bod than the incredible performers. So to ensure there is no risk of burns, I keep several go-to Coola products in my bag all weekend.  The Sport Spray is incredible, because it makes touch ups SO easy! A few quick spritz, and you’re good to go head to toe! Their liplux is also a neccessity, because NO ONE wants burnt lips! Enough said.

Get Gorgeous (FAST!)

You’re spending the weekend outside on a hill in the great outdoors so you need to be comfortable!  While I understand that it’s no fashion show, there are certainly a few easy ways that you can look your best.  I always keep an Ilia multi-stick close at hand because it can be used for both cheek and lip colour.  Gone are the days of you’re grandma’s old pinch trick with this guy.  For hair, there’s nothing better than a salt spray for that undone-yet done look with minimal effort.  Philip. B’s Maui Wowie is pretty amazing.  Oh and don’t forget about your feet! RGB will make sure you have cutesy sandal feet.

Feeling Fresh

After spending the day running up and down the hill, I often feel like I need a little pick-me-up before the big names play the night away.  Principessa’s dry shampoo is just what the Dr. ordered when it comes to picking up my lank locks at the end of the day.  Keep a bottle of Jack Black Dry Down Powder around and say goodbye to chaffy thighs as you run up & down the hill.

Well there you have it, my list of tried, tested & true Folk Fest essentials.  Hopefully you can see that you can be gorgeous and fashionable & not have to play the “dirty hippy” stereotype!

Have a great weekend!!



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