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If there is anything I love more than talking about my own love of beauty products, it’s uncovering what others can’t live without. Whether it be reading magazine columns or catching up on my fave beauty blog Into The Gloss, I just can’t seem to get enough. Is there a better way to find out the best products out there and how to use them?

So with that in mind, I thought I would shake up the blog a little bit by injecting some other interesting perspectives on beauty.

Our first instalment is from one of my FAVOURITE places to shop in the city, Coup Garment Boutique.  Owners Anna McDonough & Nga Van are the epitome of impeccable style and know a few things about beauty, so of course I had to chat with them. Plus, it gave me a great reason to pop by and check out their new line Dannijo. Oh and buy a new pair of shoes.

The Coup Girls

~What was the first prestige beauty product you remember buying?

Anna: Bumble & bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo & Conditioner. I have curly hair and this really made a difference.

~What is the greatest beauty advice you’ve received and who gave it to you?

Anna: My mom always told me that when it comes to makeup, less is more.

~What is one daily essential that you can’t live without?

Anna: My eyelash curler. It gives the most amount of impact, without having to use a lot of product.

~1 item that you can always count on to make you feel beautiful?

Anna: My Becca Beach Tint. It’s just a subtle red colour that looks really natural, almost like you’re not wearing anything at all.

~I follow you on Instagram and I’m always inspired by your pictures.  What are your favourite things to capture?

Anna-If we spot our clients in Coup, we always make sure to Instagram it. Also, we like to put together full outfits and take pictures. It makes it so much easier for ladies to visualize how they would style themselves at home.

~What piece are you most excited for that is coming in for the Fall season?

Anna: Winter jackets! There will be some really amazing jackets coming in for Fall that we can’t wait for.

~1 item in your store that Edmonton can’t get enough of?

Anna: Dannijo. It’s a really incredible jewellery line that just arrived at Coup. Our clients are crazy about it. (Sarah-it’s so true. I dream of this necklace).

~There are so amazing things to see and do in Edmonton. What is your favourite hidden gem?

Anna: Wow, there are so many, but I would have to say Elm Cafe. It’s near my house, so I can often be found there sipping my morning coffee while sitting on their patio.

Thanks Anna!

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