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This month, we are doing something very, very new. Working closely with the tech start-up Digital Retail Apps, we are implementing the revolutionary mobile phone app SelfPay. Over 2 years in the making, we are the first business to use this new app and are ready to bust line-ups in the store just in time for the holidays!

The SelfPay app lets you use your mobile device to scan items right off the shelves, add to your cart and pay with credit card through the system. Then with a quick verification scan from LUX staff, you are ready to go! No lines, no waiting; just scan, pay, go.

Us ladies at LUX have already started running around scanning in items for the thrill. We are so proud to be taking this big step forward and we can’t wait to share it with you.

The app is free for download in the app store available for devices running iOS7. Android version coming in early 2014.

Read the full press release here.

To get a head start, you can set-up your account at home.

  • Download and open the app
  • Scroll through the quick tutorial and create a new account with email and password
  • You will get a verification email sent to you. Follow the link to verify your account.
  • Once you are in your account, click on the top left corner and open the drop-down menu
  • Select Account Settings and enter your account password. Here you create your payment PIN number or change your primary account email or password.
  • Return to the menu and select Payment Methods. You’ll need your payment PIN to enter this menu. Here you add your credit card (or multiple card) information. You can take an image of your card to enter the number or you can enter manually.
  • You are ready to go! You can now come to LUX, find products you love, scan them, and pay through your phone. How awesome is this?!

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