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Even though the Easter Bunny always brought me a pretty new dress on our annual egg hunt, my mom always did the nail check before leaving the house for turkey dinner at my aunt’s house.  Yes, the cleanliness test from the 1950’s was always an essential part of the holiday.  So in honour of the upcoming Easter weekend, I’ve collected some of LUX’s best hand, nail and cuticle tips & tricks to make sure you pass the nail check with flying colours. – Lauren


“Keep your cuticles fresh and happy by keeping a cuticle oil in the car and applying it at red lights, or in your purse and use it while you’re waiting for a friend at Starbucks – Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle oil is your new BFF.”

“When filing, mirror the curve of your nail beds to create the best shape for your nails.  Some people have square nail beds while others are more rounded – by following your natural shaping your nails won’t break”

“To remove stubborn glitter polish, melt it away with a remover soaked pad for about 30 seconds before trying to rub it off. Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go mitts are perfect for times like these.”

“If you don’t have time to wait for polish to dry, apply NCLA nail wraps and finish with Seche Vite top coat – you can be out the door in 5 minutes!”

“Swipe nails with polish remover before applying a base coat to remove natural oils or cream that will prevent your polish from properly adhering to the nail.”

“Take off the ‘oopsies’ when painting your nails, especially the ones that happen using your left hand, by using an old small makeup brush soaked in polish remover for precision clean-up. “

“Squeeze hand cream onto the backs of the hands and rub together instead of into your palms – the back of your hands are often drier and your moisture won’t wipe away as quickly”

“Slather your feet in a non-greasy lotion, like Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream, before bed and sleep with socks on. When you wake up your tootsies will be soft and happy.”

“When using your top and base coat, remember to cap the end of the nail, it will make your polish last way longer.”

“Eat foods with zinc, selenium, protein and amino acids for nail strength and growth.  A couple tablespoons of coconut oil a day will make your nails all pretty.”

“If you don’t feel like the maintenance of painting, just buff them for polished, well kept looking nails. We are expecting Deborah Lippmann 4-way buffers soon so watch for them, easily the best buffer we’ve used.”

“This one is obvious- don’t pick or chew your nails and cuticle beds!!”

“For messy nail painters, apply a salve or balm around the perimeter of your nails, then clean the nail with a q-tip dipped in remover. When you paint, the extra polish wont stick to the edges and you can wipe it right off when you’re done.”

“Deborah Lippmann nail polishes deliver green tea to soothe and calm, aucoumé to smooth ridges and biotin to help nails grow.”

“If you smudge or chip one nail and don’t want to remove all your polish, just disguise it with a complimentary colour or glitter and make it a feature nail.”

“Use a base coat, darnit! Butter London Nail Foundation is AWESOME. It will fill in ridges, protect nails from staining and make your nail polish last longer”

“Try Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator to get rid of the leftover bits off nail polish at your cuticles, plus it softens them so you can nudge them easily”

“Take the one-time use RGB Nail Colour Remover Pads with you on vacation so you don’t have to take a bottle of remover on the airplane. One pad does 10 nails.”

“Keep good quality lotion and moisturizing hand soap by your bathroom sink to keep your hands from drying out during daily washing. Our new US Apothecary Orange Flower Water Lotion and Handsoap is so delicious and hydrating.”


Memorize these tried and true tips, or print this post and keep in by your vanity and you’ll always have flawless beautiful nails ready for anyone who wants to check up on them.

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