Ultimate Guide to Finding your Style

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“Clothes do so much more than cover our bodies, they impact how we feel.  Some clothes make us feel like a million bucks….and some clothes don’t.  It’s important that you feel good in whatever you buy.” – Glenda Polak Owner of CapriceWest

We met Glenda way back when we used to be neighbours to Caprice on 124th St. How time flies. What we love about Glenda’s tenets is that we feel the same way about beauty. Trends are fun and keep you from getting stuck in a rut, but clothing and makeup are fundamentally about creative self-expression. 

We spoke with Glenda about fashion and style, and she summarized all this in 5 simple rules to live by to discover a style that truly belongs to you.

1. Be true to yourself. Trust your inner voice. Don’t follow the pack – be you! YOU are an original, you are UNIQUE, wear what feels right to you.

2. Experiment with different styles of clothing to see which ones suit you best. You might be pleasantly surprised by how a garment you dismissed as “so not me” actually looks and feels great. This is why a passionate “retail therapist” can be invaluable – she’ll bring you all sorts of ideas when you’re in the change room.

3. Check the mirror – and your gut. How do you ‘feel’ in your clothes? What kinds of clothes do you feel better in? What kind make you feel inauthentic? Is there a pattern to one kind or the other? Use your feelings, not In and Out lists, as your guide.

4. Pay more for items that you’ll wear often. Invest in good quality fabrics, construction and fit for items such as pants, jeans, coats and dresses. Taste higher than budget? Alternative retailers such as consignment shops are a great resource. Nothing is sweeter than a beautifully made garment you’ve worn for years that you got for a song secondhand.

5. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel great. Poor fit, bad associative emotions, or just never felt right… time to go! Spring clean your closet and even make money off the task by bringing your “other person’s future treasure” to CapriceWest!

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