Mother’s Day Essentials for the Mom-to-be

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As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, gifts for Mom are top of mind. To share some of her favorites we thought it best to ask none other than our newest Mom-to-be, Lauren to give us the scoop on what she is prepping to have on hand this month!

One month till my baby’s due!  As the belly gets bigger the beauty routine gets smaller – I’m just practicing for when I really won’t have any time or sleep.  Skin and body care is really important when you feel like an elephant.

Through my pregnancy I’ve been slathering myself in Caudalie Divine Oil, and I’m really appreciating the spray on application as it gets harder to reach my ankles.  I swear I have the world’s itchiest ankles. I am hoping it will keep my skin happy and prevent stretch marks.  This oil is great because it applies dry; you don’t have to wait for it to soak in or worrying about staining your clothes.

I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of using organic and natural products in preparation for baby.  The RMS raw coconut cream is a multipurpose life-saver.  The super high quality coconut oil has a sweet gentle scent and I use it for everything.  Makeup removal, night time face oil, cuticle oil, to tame hair frizzies, on dry elbow and knee patches, lip conditioner… and in a pinch I’ll be able to use it on baby.  I also love the RMS lip2cheek pots, I keep the rapture colour in my purse for those days I’m feeling pale and too tired to put on makeup.  It’s easy enough to apply at a stoplight.  It’s moisturizing on the lips, plus the colour lasts all day and doubles as a cheek colour that gives me a natural flush.

At LUX, I always recommend dry shampoo to moms.  I’m lazy as it is now, I can’t imagine that with more fatigue I’ll be inspired to wash my hair every day.  Plus my curls are better dirty.  Philip B. Russian Amber dry shampoo smells rich and indulgent, soaks up oil and gives volume at the roots.  On “those” days, I think I’ll pair this with Skyn Iceland Eye Gels and the new-to-LUX Rouge Bunny Rough Luminous Skin Wand to brighten up under-eye circles so I can feel like a human.

Since there’s so much hand washing to look forward to, I made sure to try the new spring hand cream scent Honeycomb by Library of Flowers.  I love how quickly it soaks in and leaves just a gentle, neutral scent behind that shouldn’t irritate anyone.  My purse isn’t complete without the best lip conditioner ever – I put on Tata Harper’s Be True a million times a day.  The metal tube packaging makes me feel elegant, like I’m applying lipstick without applying lipstick.  It’s one of those little indulgences that I’ll stop and dig through my handbag for in the middle of the grocery store.

And for when I want to spoil myself, I’ve got Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream Shower Gel on standby – I’m probably going to have to give up nightly baths so at least I’ll have something yummy smelling to look forward to.  I love the soothing sensation of a Maskeraide sheet mask fresh out of the fridge, so I’ve stocked up for pamper-me time before baby arrives.

These are just a few of my faves I’m stocking up on for mommy duty.  Don’t forget to take care of yourself with a little treat every once in a while. Happy Mother’s Day to all our hard-working mom’s and preparing mom’s to be!

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