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“The idea of bright lipstick used to scare me – especially when I was in high school. I was too shy to wear something so bold. I thought people would stare and I felt self-conscious. What if it made my teeth look yellow or I smudged it all over my face? One night, just for fun I pulled out my dance kit and wore red lipstick for a friend’s 18th birthday. Instead of telling me I looked like a clown, people complimented me and said I looked daring and elegant. I was shocked.

That’s the moment I understood the power of red lipstick. You know that one outfit you have, that fits you just right and makes you feel so beautiful you strut with confidence? You can get that feeling in one little lipstick tube. A classic red is timeless and will look amazing on everyone! ” – Lauren

This is one make-up look that will never fade out of style, making it perfect for your graduation. (Or any other special event for that matter). We’ve put together an easy tutorial to get glamorous red lips for your big night. Our make-up artist Danielle demonstrates on our beautiful model Bella, and shares her tips & tricks for a flawless pout.

For the whole look you’ll need: Red lip liner, red lipstick (we used Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip in Eternal), tinted moisturizer (Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches on Water in Adansonia), kabuki brush, mascara (Geisha Ink) or false lashes & glue, powder, highlighter, neutral blush (Rouge Bunny Rouge Orignal Skin Blush in Delicata), fluffy brush, and an eyebrow pencil or marker (Geisha Ink).

1. Start by covering your entire face with a light coat of tinted moisturizer – we like to apply it with a kabuki brush for a smooth, buffed texture. We prefer the tinted moisturizer for this look instead of foundation so your natural skin tone and freckles show through. PRO TIP: Apply over your lips as well. This creates a neutral canvas for truest lip color.

2. We’ll begin applying color by using a lip liner pencil that matches the color of your lipstick. You’ll want it to be quite sharp to get a clean line. PRO TIP: Mark an X at your cupid’s bow for a perfect peak on your upper lip.

3. Turn the lip pencil sideways so the long part of the tip is against your lip – not straight on like you’re writing on a piece of paper. Pull the colour down from the peak you just made to the corner of lip on each side. The line doesn’t have to be perfect – remember we can always use a q-tip to touch up. PRO TIP: Draw your line in little tick marks, you’ll have better control if you don’t try to do it in one swoop.

4. If your lips are a bit dry underneath, put on a little bit of lip conditioner to moisturize – this is a matte look and dry flakes will show through.

5. Now track the edge of your bottom lip with the pencil turned sideways against lip from corner to corner. Again, make the little tick marks instead of one line.

6. Fill in your lips with lip liner (this will make the colour stick and last longer). You don’t need perfect coverage here, we’re just creating a base. Use the side of your pencil instead of the sharp tip for easier application.

7. Put on your lipstick right from the tube. You can use a lip brush if you are comfortable, but it isn’t necessary. When using a lip brush, use the same motion as you did with lip liner from the centre of your upper lip towards outside corners. If you don’t have a lip brush but want to try applying this way, you can ask for an extra doe-foot applicator from a makeup counter. Don’t use a q-tip to apply lipstick – the fuzzies will get stuck!

8. Press your lips together and you’re done! When you’re happy with the amount of coverage, tidy up any edges with the lip liner or a q-tip.


PRO TIP: There’s no need for lip gloss, as the color will have more staying power without it. There will be hours and hours of photo taking at your grad, you don’t want to stop and reapply halfway through!

Because the eye is drawn to those gorgeous lips, finishing the look is simple with just a few steps:

1. Dust powder down the centre line of your face with a fluffy brush. Don’t use much, we want to see you glow. Put it on your forehead, down your nose and on your chin.

2. Apply light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Smile while you’re doing this and you’ll know where to apply it. Use a big fluffy brush.

3. Highlight the high points of your face – this will enhance your glow. Put it along the top of your cheek bones, under the eyebrow bone, above the cupid’s bow of your lips and the tip of your chin.

4. Line your eyebrows with a brow marker or pencil. We don’t want them too dark, just fill in the gaps to define the shape.

5. Apply 2 coats of waterproof mascara or false eyelashes.

Voila! You are ready for your big night on the town.

Don’t be daunted if this is one of the first times you are rocking such a bold look. Here is a handy guide to finding your best red lipstick tones. Bring the lipstick with you and keep it in your clutch. Bring the lipliner too, and some tissues. If you feel like you’re getting smudgy during dinner, just gently wipe it all off and reapply when you’re done eating. I’ve done this at many events and it’s better than worrying about wearing half a lip and trying to have a conversation. Be mindful of your make-up when you’re getting dressed so you don’t wreck your outfit with a lipstick stain.

Go enjoy your night out, Beauty!

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