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Meet Natasha, our gorgeous equestrian make-up artist who will tell you the ultimate key to fabulous hair. Watch the video or read below to get the inside scoop.

Okay! My name’s Natasha, I’ve been at LUX for little over a year now and I enjoy making people happy everyday, I love the products we work with and it’s a lot of fun.

Fun fact about me is that I’m a twin. A lot of people think they see me or my sister around the city, but yes there are two of us in case you feel confused. I also am an equestrian, so I’ve been riding horses my whole life. It’s near and dear to me and definitely shaped who I am.

Can you remember the first time you ever experienced LUX?

Oh my goodness, it was a long time ago. I had just randomly wandered in, I was just shopping the High Street and I thought “ooh, that looks like it’s up my alley” and I walked in and didn’t know where to look first, there was a lot going on. But I just remember having a lot of fun and trying on lots of products, smelling amazing and feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but in the greatest way possible. It’s like walking into a bake shop and you just want to eat everything. Or maybe that’s just me….

After now spending so much time with the products, can you tell us some favourites you have?

You know what, I gotta say, a staple of mine is the Indie Lee Squalane Oil. It’s like tabasco sauce. I put that on everything; face, body, hair…it’s amazing. I also really love RMS. The Uncover-up is beautiful and makes my skin feel better as I wear it. It’s totally organic so I feel good about using it.

For hair care I can’t live without Philip B Oud. Oud that’s all. The whole collection. If you haven’t tried it, stop what you’re doing and go get some. It’s totally amazing.

Would you say you couldn’t live without it?

I went on a trip recently and I had to narrow down everything I was packing, thinking “okay, what can be left behind?”. I really realized that I CAN live without certain items, but they are there for a reason. I constantly replenish them for a reason.

As the weather changes, what are you most looking forward to for this upcoming season?

I am really looking forward to fall because you get to wear completely different outfits! Bring the boots back out, and the scarves…I love it! This situation also involves how you take care of yourself. So maybe your hair care needs to change or your skin care. Myself, I am quite dehydrated and it gets aggravated in the fall so I need to ease the transition. That may mean adding an oil into your skincare regimen or even something as simple as changing up your lip color. It’s just fun to embrace those changes

What is your favourite thing about living in YEG?

Goodness, I think Edmonton has the best food scene! I could eat my way through this city for a month straight. Honestly I think we have the most delightful restaurants. I am dying to try North 53, I’ve heard so much about it and have been trying to get in!

Each corner of the city has such great hidden gems. We’ve got an amazing variety here. Everything’s always so good and you’ll never be bored.

To book an hour-long make-up appointment with Natasha or any of our other fab make-up artists give the store a call at (780) 451-1423 to book your time!

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