Let Them Eat Cake : Royal Make-up for Halloween

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We’re officially half-way through October, which means that Halloween parties are slowly creeping in to our calendars. Getting into costumes for a night with your friends always promises a good time, but putting your skin through cheap, waxy make-up to achieve the look is definitely not.

This year, we’re putting together a series of Halloween ready looks using products you already have stashed in your make-up drawer for fun, film inspired characters.

We felt drawn in to the luxury, indulgence and rouge of Sophia Coppola’s take on France’s most glamorous Queen, Marie Antoinette for today’s look. That, and the idea of sharing a Duchess macaron cake.

To get the look you’ll need:

  • Matte finish primer (We love Rouge Bunny Metamorphoses)
  • The lightest foundation/concealer you can find. (We used Kevyn SSX01)
  • Lightest powder foundation you can find (Geisha Aiko #1)
  • Brow pen (You know we’re all about Geisha Ink brow pens)
  • Pinky rouge blush (Kevyn Neolita and Fira)
  • Neutral eye shadow (We actually just used Kevyn sculpting powder in Medium)
  • Creamy sheer lip color (Lipstick Queen Chinatown pencil in Thriller)
  • Light or clear mascara (We used Perfekt blonde brow perfection gel. Worked like a charm)
  • Hair powder/ dry shampoo (Principessa Bianco Breeze and Bumble White Hair Powder)

Prep your skin with primer to create a matte base, then use your light foundation for all over coverage. It’s okay if it looks too light on your skin, the basis of this look is super pale with the emphasis on the lip & cheek features. Use your concealer to blank out your lips.

Once prepped, go crazy with your powder foundation. This is the only time we’ll say this, the chalkier, the better! For an even more powder like finish, use some dry shampoo on a fluffy brush to finish.

Now onto the cheeks. Use a tapered brush with your blush and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks with the brightest blush. This is no time to be subtle. Use a slightly milder tone to blend out the look a little. If you are feeling adventurous you can do a little subtle contouring with your natural shade foundation here.

The eyes aren’t a huge focus for this look, so simply tidy up the brows with your brow pen, apply neutral toned shadow and clear/light mascara for a little livening.

For the lips, we’ve blanked them out with concealer to create a neutral base. Load your sheer color onto a brush and apply to lips, focusing the product on the center. The look is a Popsicle stained effect that blends outwards.

Once your make-up is done, it’s time to have some fun with your hair. You’re going to want big, tall and filled with flowers, jewels or ribbons. Finish off with a good dose of hair powder for a truly regal effect.

Now, let us eat cake!

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