The LUX To-Do List: March

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March may not be a month that makes you think of culturally diverse events, but leave it to the Festival City to ensure your calendar is jam packed with more than just St. Patrick’s Day pub crawls. Trust us, there’s more to do in March than drink green beer and claim you’re Irish. So consider yourself lucky to live in such a wonderful (albeit wind-bitten and cold) city, and embrace this month’s To-Do list.

21st Century Shakespeare: The Falstaff Project (a remastered version of Henry IV) put on by local theatre group Thou Art Here uses found spaces to breathe new life into Shakespearean plays. Breaking down the fourth wall, this roving theatre performance will take place in the Artery in the venue’s last few weeks of life. As an added bonus after each show there will be live local musicians playing to keep you on your feet late into the night.
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Coffee Addicts Unite: YEG Coffee week will be kicking off mid-March to encourage a community around the love of coffee between professionals and enthusiasts. The week will consist of workshops, gatherings and even a coffee themed dinner that ensures you’ll get your caffeine fix. Find out more here.

Calling All Fashionistas: Whether your personal idol is Anna Wintour or you simply want to experience the expanse of our local talent, you won’t want to miss Western Canada Fashion week happening from March 26th – April 4th. In it’s 10th year of running, WCFW showcases designers and local boutiques as well as emerging designers that’ll give you your front row fix.
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DeLoreans Not Required: Although we may not have our hover boards yet in 2015, the AGA’s Back to the Future themed Refinery may just be the next best thing. With the dress code stuck in the 80’s, and the promise of slushies, you don’t have to be a Doc to know it’ll be a blast! Find out more here.

Adrenaline Junkie: Red Bull Crashed Ice has already begun developing an ice track down Grierson hill in preparation for the 2015 Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, which ties into a larger track spanning 415 metres. With free admission to watch, come out and cheer on these fearless athletes!
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Eat Your Way Through Avenue: Consider this more of an year-long challenge, but in honour of our new Dining-Out bible (aka the Avenue Edmonton Best Restaurant Guide) it’s never been easier to find a delicious place to dine. Oh and if you are searching for a starting point, there are plenty of 124 Street restaurants to choose from.
Find the full guide here.

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