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A few months ago we added a stunning new personality to the LUX team, Brittany! She’s now officially our go-to expert for anything to do with red lipstick and we hope you enjoy getting to know her.

Hi! I’m Brittany, I’ve been working here for about five months now. I also work at the Starlight Room, so that is pretty fun and I am pursuing acting, singing and dancing (that’s kinda my game).

Tell us about your first time at LUX.

Well, I came in and Danielle was here and I was wandering the store with my mom and my sister and she was like “You should really try this purple shampoo” (I had bleach blonde hair at the time). It became my favourite thing. Ever.

It’s the best and now I tell people about it all the time: “This is what got me started, and now I am hooked!”. It’s a gateway drug for blondes.

Now that you’ve been at LUX for a few months, what is your favourite thing about working here?

Ooh, so many good parts about working here. Definitely being on the up and up on what’s new in beauty is really fun. Also getting to talk to people and helping them solve their problems, which I really like because I am a people pleaser.

What is your best insider make-up trick?

My favourite trick is cutting my foundation with highlighter. I like to look dewy, so if I just add a pump of highlighter into my foundation it just looks sooo good.

Other than LUX, what is your top shopping spot in Edmonton?

There is a store called Original Apparel just off Whyte ave and I probably buy 80% of my wardrobe there. The girls are just amazing, you go in and the service is so good, and the clothes are so different. They are kind of like our store, they sell very original brands and stuff you can’t really find anywhere else. What is really cool is that they only buy one of each size. That’s it! You’ll never see another girl in your size wearing the same top.

What are your current Top 3 LUX products?

Ooh that’s so hard! My first favourite product is REN purity balm, Sarah convinced me to try it. I was thinking “It can’t be as great at the Eve Lom one” but it is. It’s amazing.

Definitely the Geisha Ink black eyeliner, it’s so easy to use and so pigmented.

And then…I got the Roald lip liner from Rouge Bunny Rouge and it is such a cool colour. It’s like this muted, purple-y nude tone…it’s just cool. And it goes with everything! It’s really nice.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one thing with you, what would it be?

Probably red lipstick. It’s my product where even if I am having the worst day, if I am feeling really ugly or terrible or whatever, I can put on red lipstick and be like OOoh!

How many red lipsticks do you own?

…probably 40. I definitely have a problem with red lipstick.



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