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 May 20th marked a joyous day in the LUX family, as our own Danielle went from a Ms. to Mrs! We all teared up with joy watching the blushing bride walk down the aisle and commit herself to the man of her dreams. The intimate celebration wonderfully showcased the love Steve and Danielle felt for one another and left us feeling a renewed sense of faith in the power of love.

But the journey down the aisle isn't always cake testing and dress shopping, so we decided to get the wedding-planning skinny from two brides and a wedding expert.


The Newly Engaged: Amelia
Amelia got engaged over the holidays this year and has just begun planning her wedding to her fiancé Ludwin.
How did you meet?
Ludwin and I have know each other, gosh, since I was 13 and he was 15 (we lived in the same neighbourhood). There was always a high school crush thing, but for some reason or another it never worked out. We didn’t talk after high school but reconnected on Facebook in 2010 and then we started spending more time together and eventually dating. We spent time apart and then got back together and literally bought a house two weeks later. It just felt right. 
How did he propose? 
I helped pick my ring (narrowed it down) so I knew it was coming. I booked us a night at the Hotel MacDonald for Christmas Eve to surprise him and when we were opening our stockings and I had one more gift. I opened the gift and it was a ring! I don’t remember what he said but I definitely said yes!

How is wedding planning going? 

It went from having a wedding in Arizona, to a small dinner to really considering what we wanted (less stress) and could afford and are now planning to elope. We want to elope somewhere warm (we love Arizona or maybe Drumheller as it's so beautiful). 

Since you're planning to elope are there any wedding traditions you're still planning to follow?

We just don’t really have anything we’re to tied to, I want flowers, but apart from that I'm definitely planning on having a non-traditional wedding. I'm not even sure if I want a wedding dress! 

What are you the most excited about for your wedding?

I’m the most excited to just be married!


The Newly Married: Danielle 
Danielle, our effervescent boutique leader, is happily one week married. Instantly in love she said it took less than three weeks before they decided we wanted to marry one another. Getting engaged a year and a half later over Christmas holidays in Hawaii they spent two years planning their wedding before they tied the knot at the Old Timers Cabin in Edmonton last weekend. 

When planning what was something you weren't willing to compromise? 

I really wanted lots of food and lots of cocktails. We have signature drinks (Steve's is a Dark and Stormy, and mine is a Paloma and we're also doing  a build-your-own caesar bar). To eat there will be traditional New Zealand meat pies plus we’re having a very large charcuterie table and we’re having a big three tier cake.

What helped you get through the challenge of planning a wedding? 

Some good advice that I was given and I think of it during every stage of planning “is that if something isn’t perfect or doesn’t turn out the way you want it to be, you’re the only person who knows that something has gone wrong, so step back and know that it’ll work out! 

Best moment of your wedding day?
Seeing all my friends and family have a good time, and finally being married to Steve of course! The amount of love that was in the room was incredible.
The smallest thing that you think made the biggest difference?
I think that keeping the ceremony really loose helped me keep my cool, not having a strict timeline was relaxing for me and I did not feel rushed or nervous.
Was it what you planned or thought it would be? How so or how not?
Our wedding day was everything and more than I expected it to be. It was such an amazing and fun day. It rained and poured on our wedding, but I was determined to have an outdoor ceremony, so the skies dried up just in time! Aesthetically it looks 100% how I imagined it, all the adornments were perfect and the flowers were just how I wanted them. The only thing I can say is that I noticed there was no table cloth on the desert table, which made me cringe. But I then realized it did not matter and I was the only one who knew that. The day went perfect, with or without that table cloth.
Anything you'd tell your pre-married self?
The day goes by really fast, and you will forget to re-apply your lipstick. Take some time to look in the mirror and reflect on the day as well as your makeup.
As a gal who knows make-up inside and out, what beauty advice would you give brides to-be? 
I wanted to look like the best version of myself (my best ever looking day) so keep your makeup realistic and reflective of your style. AND super-dooper glue your lashes down, tears will destroy your lash strips, so keep some glue in your handbag (or a friends) and have someone handy who can help you out.

Photo of Maggie taken by Mat Simpson Photography Co

The Wedding Planner: Maggie Baird 
Maggie is the owner and founder of MB&Company, a local wedding planning business that is responsible for planning beautiful weddings like this one featured on Style Me Pretty as well as coordinating weddings (like this jaw-dropping one designed by Cory Christopher). You also might remember her from our Holiday Style Guide

If you could give one piece of advice to newly engaged couples what would it be?

Hire a Wedding Planner! I know it may seem biased but it is such a valuable investment for your wedding. Every single wedding I work on, I have guests telling me about how much they regret not hiring a planner. Planners can help make the most of your budget, and create the ease and calmness that every couple wants for their big day.

What are the three biggest factors when planning a wedding?

1. The couple’s personality:

It is the whole point of the wedding– to celebrate the couple. Their energy, personalities, passions and style will dictate the look and feel of the entire day.

2. The number of guests: 

The number of people you choose to celebrate with will determine your options for venues, use of budget, intimacy of the wedding and the overall flow of the day.

3. The budget:

The dollars you have to spend will determine how you create the day. 

What's your favourite moment in weddings (if you had to pick one)?

I love the first look! I always make sure that the first look only has the couple, the photographer and me. Creating that intimate and quiet moment is really important for the couple to start the day together and I am always honoured to be a witness to it. It’s by far the most genuine, honest and beautiful moment between couples on their wedding day.

What's your favourite wedding tradition / do you have one / do you think they matter?

I am not big into forcing traditions on couples. Though I appreciate many of them and understand where most of them come from, I believe they put undue stress on couples. Any couple that I work with I encourage to ditch any tradition that does not feel genuinely and authentically them.

What's the best part of being a wedding planner?

There is a really special intimacy that is created between a planner and the couple over the months, and sometimes years of planning a wedding. I really enjoy being alongside two people who are excited about their future and celebrating their love. There is nothing quite like surrounding yourself with happy, excited and in love people. It’s a pretty wonderful work environment.


Special thanks to Novelle Bridal Shop for allowing us to photograph their shop and dresses. 

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