Beauty Battle: Surf Spray vs Surf Infusion

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The sun is shining and we can't stop thinking about flowing dresses, cute sandals and loose beachy hair. We've all heard about the magic of salt sprays to give your hair the tousled, effortless, 'just came in from a day on the water' effect. But with so many options out it can be hard to determine what will make your hair look street style-ready as opposed to looking like you just crawled out of the lagoon.

One of the first on the hair scene with a salt spray was Bumble and Bumble with Surf Spray. It became an instant beauty cult hit and has been a go-to for years. Then, last year, they shook up the market yet again with Surf Infusion, a lighter, tropical-oil infused version of the iconic spray.

So what's the difference? Which is best? Many of us at LUX have field tested both and have a lot to say on the matter.


Brittany: I prefer Surf Spray. It works really well for short hair and gives that unwashed, 'washed in the ocean' feeling. Also when I'm feeling super lazy I just spray it in and go. It's great for my hair type.
If I'm going to wear my hair curly, I will go with Surf Infusion. But if I spray it near my roots I only get one day wear out of it as it gets frizzy and greasy on me.

Sarah: Surf Infusion leaves my hair touchable and helps boost any texture my hair does have. It doesn't leave my hair looking oily and I spray it into the lengths of my hair. This is the product I would throw into my beach bag to scrunch and go after a swim. 
Surf Spray works well when hair stylists do my hair for hold and grit but I NEED to wash the next day because of the tendency for my hair to look very unwashed and dirty. I am an OG Bumble girl so I have tried this product multiple times since jr high school and it always left me feeling like it wasn't designed for my fine textured hair.

Marielle: I literally begged my mom to take me downtown to buy Surf Spray when I was in grade 10 because I saw it in a YM magazine as the secret to perfect beach hair. I have loved it for years and frequently used it to just add grit to my very thin hair for braids, updo's and yes, faking beach hair.
However, it is wildly drying to my already thin and dry ends.
Surf Infusion has everything I loved and coveted as a teen but with the oil my dry dry ends need. I often spritz a tiny bit in after washing it to give it a soft texture without it getting oily or dry. It's a summer hair must and (for my hair) knocks Surf Spray out of the water (or ocean)!

Posy: Surf Spray gives me really nice grit and stays in place! Ever since I got my hair cut, my hair has had less hold so this stuff works well for it. It can be super drying and I only want to use if I know I'll be showering/conditioning after.
Surf Infusion is way lighter, nice to spray in curls to keep them in place/give them texture without making them stiff. This one is less drying but I don't find it that much better for my hair type.

Katryna: Surf Infusion is the bomb! It reinvigorates my natural texture if it falls flat and gives cool lazy day waves- though if I use it on day 2 or 3 it can make my hair appear quite greasy and dirty (not in the good way).
Surf Spray feels a little heavy on my fine hair. It it doesn't give me my natural wave. BUT if I am doing an updo or braids instead of leaving it down, it gives unmatched grit and hold for the perfect tousled 'do.

Natasha: Surf Spray gives me nice volume, but it can dry out my hair so I prefer it at the roots for lift.
Honestly, Surf Infusion doesn't do anything for my hair, I just love it because it smells SO GOOD.


Verdict: It seems that in our dry Albertan climate, the LUX ladies gravitate towards the nourishing oils of Surf Infusion for everyday soft texture and sheen. It can however, make hair appear a bit greasy with overuse and those with oil-prone hair types. Surf Spray is the winner for styling grit and hold, and is ideal for shorter hair. It can be rough and drying on thin or unruly tresses.

*Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Surf Infusion is available in store or by phone order at 780-451-1423*

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