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We'd be lying if we said we've never spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram starry-eyed and drooling over the beautiful images of fashion and style. In an ideal world you'd suddenly leap from your sartorial comfort zones and try something brave and new, but reality sets in and instead are often left enviously staring at our neatly organized 'Covet' boards with an endless list of unobtainable wants. We are left wondering how can we realistically infuse the spirit of our inspirations into our everyday lives?

Marielle: "I have been coveting a dip dyed tulle skirt a la Carrie Bradshaw in Paris with a $400 price tag that I could never justify. In one of our conversations, I shared this overwhelmingly unnecessary want with (our Marketing Manager) Kat she suggested something I had never even considered: working with a local designer."   

Kat: "As a avid hobby seamstress, I understand the potential of creating any clothing you can dream of, but there are always those pieces that seem out of reach. A fluffy, feminine ballet skirt is definitely one of those for me. When talking to Marielle we sort of discovered our mutual love of tulle and decided make our (fashion) dreams a reality."

We met with Nicole from Vertigo Go Design on a grey afternoon at a fabric shop to pick armfuls of tulle. We mused over inspirations, lengths and styling, then handed the raw materials off to their new destiny. About 3 weeks later, they were ready.

M: "I'm proud to say every part of my dream skirt was created with my input from the layers of tulle to the style of hidden zipper. The skirt fits perfectly and is one of a kind. To say I love it is an understatement."

K: "It was unbelievable how transformational this skirt was. I couldn't help but dance in it. Because we collaborated, it fits seamlessly into my wardrobe even though it makes a bold statement. We definitely got some looks as we snapped photos, but I decided not to care. With a swipe of bright lipstick and a bold necklace and I am ready to be Pinned."

Thinking of working with a designer or having something custom made? Daunted by the thought of making a Pinterest 'want' a reality? We asked Nicole to share some of her wisdom with us this week. 

Tips for Working with a Designer 

1. Start with a clear vision of what you want. We created a shared Pinterest Board with examples of tulle skirts we loved, so when words failed us we had photographed examples.  

2. Establish timelines and price. It might feel uncomfortable discussing the cost with a designer but going into a project with set expectations helps avoid a far more uncomfortable conversation after the garment is already finished. Same goes for timelines and if you need it by a specific date. 

3. Remember collaboration is key. Working with a designer means you have the chance to help create a piece of wearable art. Voice your thoughts and don't be afraid to speak up if it's not exactly what you had in mind. But it's also important to keep in mind the designers experience and expertise in what will physically work best for the garment. 
4. Budget for extra. It always helps to give the designer a bit of extra time and materials when working on a project. Remember that unlike buying something off the rack this is a one-of-a-kind piece and will most likely require a couple of fittings, alterations and a bit of extra time to create because the designer is doing everything by hand (and sometimes for the first time). 
5. Show it off! Tag the designer you work with on social media, let your friends know where you got it from and give credit where credit is due. Designers work hard to make your piece become a reality and so by spreading good word of mouth you can return the favour! 


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