The LUX To Do List: March

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The warmth of the past few weeks has been a bit of a tease, and makes us even more impatient for the joy of springtime. It's started already, roots taking hold in parts of Canada where the warm spring winds are already blowing.
In Victoria the skies are filled with the honks of Canadian geese returning home, tulip buds bursting from the damp ground and cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms that shower the city in soft pink petals like confetti heralding in a new season. 

And yes, while it may seem like this is a whole world away we promise it's not, it's nearly here we can feel it in the air. 

Take It Off: Send in the Girls Burlesque will be performing the little known story of the Forty Elephants Gang, a girl-gang of jazz follies in 1920s London at the Citadel theatre mid-March. With the title of Bust 'Em Up and written by the incredible Ellen Chorley (featured in our Fall Style Guide), we know it's going to kick ass! Find out more here

Guilt-Free Gluttony: It's the most wonderful time of year for foodies throughout Edmonton as 'Downtown Dining Week' runs March 11-20. Enjoy multi-course set menus for $15, $28 or $48 at some of the hottest restaurants in Edmonton. Find out more here

Funny Business: Empress Pub and Blackdog host hilarious weekly comedy shows, but this month they both have something extra happening. Underdog Comedy will be doing a live show taping on March 3 / 10 from 9-11 and Empress is celebrating their 2nd birthday with a tickets only show headlining Pat Thornton on March 6th. Find out the details for Empress here and Underdog here

Dance All Night: Edmonton's welcoming a new live music venue to the scene this month on March 10th as the Needle opens. They already have a number of shows lined up for March including the Shout Out Outs and Joel Plaskett. Find out more here

Fashion on Fleek: Instead of promoting a theme and costume, this time around Refinery En Vogue is just letting the people dress as stylishly as they want. Dance the night away with DJ's Girls Club and be sure to bring your fashion 'A' game. Find out more here

All Filler: In the age of Netflix and Chill it seems like ads are a thing of the past but Metro Cinema is running 'World's Best Commercials' to showcase some of the best ad's ever made. Check out their full month schedule here and yes, there is an All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal-And-Cartoon party on the schedule too. 

A Little Irish: For those who want to avoid getting pinched on March 17th and wear a bit of green (and maybe have a green beer or two) to celebrate St. Patricks Day.

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