Hand Creme

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What it is: Silky skin are at your fingertips with potent scented hand formulas from our beloved Library of Flowers.
How it works: Coco and Shea butters melt into skin for long lasting hydration. Floral oils keep hands fragranced throughout the day.
Why you like: Be known as the one who gives the best gifts. Beyond the beauty of their scents, these creams are wrapped in Pinterest-worthy packaging that catch instant attention when they emerge from the purse.


Field & Flowers:Top: Apricot    Middle: Honeyed Blossom    Bottom: Wildflowers

Honeycomb:Top: Sugared Fig    Middle: Ambrosia Honey    Bottom: Royal Bee Blossom 

Linden: Top: Linden Blossom    Middle: Narcissus    Bottom: Clover Honey 

Wildflower & FernTop: English Cucumber    Middle: Davana    Bottom: Honeysuckle 

Willow & Water: Top: Cut Greens    Middle: Flowering Lotus    Bottom: Watercress 

Forget Me Not:Top: Osmanthus    Middle: Rice Powder    Bottom: White Orchid 

True VanillaTop: Bergamot    Middle: Dark Vanilla    Bottom: Amber 

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