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In all groups of friends, there are usually a variety of tastes. And, it is often a combination of these similarities and differences that draw us together and make the relationships dynamic and interesting.

Here at LUX, there are some ladies who love wine and could list every note, while others just have a sip or two at a family gathering. We have ladies who breathe beauty and have 30 blushes and some who have their small collection of tried and trues. We decided to combine those worlds together. Wine + makeup = an amazing get together!

We set a date and got together to try some new exciting wines while at the same time reigniting our love for an autumn bold lip. And, just like wine tastes vary, it turns out that so do burgundy-toned lipsticks! Some people love a deep, dramatic lip as their go-to look, while others are less inclined to fall for a wine hue.

I'm here to tell you that there is a wine lip for everyone. With an open mind and a bold new look, we have come up with the best of the best in rich, red lipsticks for whatever your tastes. And we created a fun experiment to try them out for you!

Now, we know what you might be thinking: dark lipstick can be kind of daunting, especially if you are an everyday nude wearer. But my first recommendation when looking for a wine-coloured lip is to try them on, and try multiples. Get a feel for them like you would a little black dress. What looks great on you may also look excellent on your bestie...or, well, she may end up feeling like Dracula. Rest assured,the perfect colour is out there for everyone. Danielle went for a brighter lipstick from Lipstick Queen called Desire, while Elizabeth chose a deep purple-red, aptly named Wine Sinner.

PRO TIP: If you feel ridiculous, don’t swipe it off right away! Instead, leave it on for a little while to get better acquainted with your new hue. While you may start out feeling like a vampire, you could very easily end your day feeling like the best sultry version of yourself. It’s as personal as your taste in wine, and that’s what makes a signature bold shade so great! It’s unique on you, and every other person who wears that same shade won’t look identical in it. That’s the magic! Nothing feels better than a confident bold lip.

Now let’s get to our findings!

Some of us gravitated towards the lighter white wines and berry lips, while others enjoyed deep red wines with even deeper red lips. We taste tested three different wines: a German Riesling, a local raspberry red from Barr Estate Winery out of Sherwood Park, and a red wine from Costières de Nîmes winery in France.

We just had to include a French wine after our very inspiring training with Caudalie. The antioxidants in wine are especially beneficial to both our health and our largest organ: our skin! This is what makes Caudalie and wine so wonderful. Each of us started out priming our pouts with the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye and Lip Cream, which creates a hydrated base for a dark moody lip. As we dove into applying lipstick, each of us were drawn to different shades and brands. Same goes for the wine, and our findings were hilarious. The French wine drew the most emotion, which made for a wide variety of opinions.

Costières de Nîmes (Red)

Danielle: “It tastes like something I would make a stew with.” (I must note that Danielle is a phenomenal cook.)

Jennifer G.: “It has an exquisite mouth feel, cozy like I want to take a nap in it.”

Cassidy: “It burns! It burns!”

It seemed everyone was kind of unconvinced on the Reisling so that leaves us with our wine tasting winner: The Other Red from Barr Estates Winery. All of us except one loved this wine, and as I said different tastes for different people.

A big thanks to Paddy’s Cheese for sampling some tasty pairings for our wine, and thanks to Elizabeth for hosting us in her fabulous condo. (We took advantage of the gorgeous bathroom, and took a group shot…in her bathtub. Because would you look at that marble?!)

Wine-hued lipsticks are labeled Top from Left to Right.
Kat wears Everlasting by Kevyn Aucoin, Jennifer wears Lipstick Queen gloss in Vanity, Elizabeth is in Wine Sinner, Cassidy is in Dress You Up by Ilia, Danielle is in Lipstick Queen Desire, and Lydia is wearing Bête Noire Intense.

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