What's in Your Bag?: Danielle and Monica

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Even though they are always here, you may be hard-pressed to actually see them at LUX. They are our Buyer and Boutique Leader. Monica and Danielle are the glue that keeps our falsies on. A team of two that ensures things run impeccably smoothly.

On any given weekday, you may find them both toiling away in the back room, Monica receiving and organizing all the fun new products coming through our door, and Danielle fine-tuning our schedules. It wouldn’t be unlikely that you’d also find the conversation changing focus from unpacking Stila to the outcomes of Stranger Things. (After jumping into the conversation, I feel like I should start watching this show, too. Thanks, Netflix.)

But the strangest things of all could be what these two beauty junkies haul around in their bags everyday. On such a beautiful summer’s day, we couldn’t resist slipping over to Urban Diner to soak up the sun on the patio, sip Boylan sodas, and explore the depths of our purses. For a fun twist, we got them to swap bags (and sunglasses) to reveal what the other can’t live without.


Monica carries a Matt and Nat bag from Miss Boss.

Monica is a self-proclaimed accumulator of lipsticks and receipts. But, sadly for us, she had just cleaned out all the paper so we couldn't actually live vicariously through her shopping habits. However, we did get to see all her colourful lipsticks. Why so many lipsticks, Mon?!

Well, it kind of goes like this: each day she wears a new colour perfectly suited to her outfit and by the end of the week she has a stockpile of each of these shades. Of her favourites, there are Stila Patina, Lipstick Queen Indolence and Kevyn Aucoin Persistence, as well as a variety of lip balms including those tiny little ones they sometimes give out at the dentist.

She had also stocked up on oil blotting papers, adorable puppy mints that say “Who’s Awesome?”, and the ultimate find: the ever-so-useful claw hair clip with only two prongs remaining that Danielle is modelling below.

“Two-prong hair clip coming to LUX 2017!” 

“The company would be called Two Would Do!” 


Danielle carries a Grace Roberts New York bag from Red Ribbon.

Now, with Danielle’s bag we determined that we could make it through an entire weekend without having to head home. She’s got everything to keep you covered: her iPad, her favourite Sharpie pens, and a fabulous unicorn notebook. One could literally say she's got everything including a unicorn in there. She was packed for all kinds of activities with a little Reactine, headphones, and some instant smoothing body wipes from La fresh. Hiding at the bottom was a bottle of her long-time favourite fragrance Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.

And, just like Monica, she had many lipsticks, even a backup or two. There were multiples of the Stila Lipstick in the colour Evangeline and the bright orange pop of Lipstick Queen in Desire. The holy grail of the bunch was her custom-mixed luminous creme base lipstick from the Bite Beauty Lab in New York. (If you’re ever in New York, this is one thing you cannot miss if you love your lipstick!) 

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