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Asking a self-identified beauty junkie to pick their top three favourite products is like asking them to choose their favourite child. It's a nearly impossible task, but we are thrilled to make those hard choices and share what products we just can't live without. 



Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser "As I started to phase out my Clarisonic to a twice-a-week routine, this cleanser has helped my skin stay (relatively) clear and decongested. I love the feel of the apricot beads and it smells like fruit loops which I enjoy greatly." says Kat, and the scent is also doted upon by Calissa loving "the gentle exfoliation it provides and the absolutely luxurious smell. It's my favourite everyday cleanser by far and well worth the investment."

Caudalie Grape Water  "I ❤️ this stuff! When I run out I'm like "I can go a bit without it" 24 hours goes by "nope, I need it" - Danielle

EyEnvy "I have very fair and short natural lashes and would have to pile on mascara to get the full and voluminous look I love. I don't know how it works but it does!" says Melenie and Elizabeth definitely agrees "My lashes went from non-existent to people constantly asking if they are real."

Caudalie Beauty Elixir  "It used to be my special occasion 'treat your self' product but now it's become a full on obsession." raves Monica and Cassidy adores how multifaceted it is "I use it for setting my makeup, a toner, and a daily refresher". 

Skyn Iceland Nordic Peel Pads "The texture and radiance of my skin has been improved dramatically! I no longer worry about flaky, bumpy and red skin!" - Melenie 

Make Up 

RMS Uncoverup "I now use this daily with my Beauty Blender. It covers and evens my skin tone with ease, and keeps my skin feeling really soft and nourished. It's basic and easy to use, even if I am feeling lazy I can just apply with my fingertips for a quick touchup running out the door" says Kat (additional shout out to RMS from Britt who said "the whole line is my number one") 

Rouge Bunny Milk Aquarelle Foundation "Best foundation I have ever used. Top points for consistency & coverage especially when applied with the Kabuki Flat Top Brush." - Monica 

Blinc Flesh Tone Eye Shadow Primer "Every morning without fail I dab a few quick strokes across my lids, instantly concealing any veininess and brightening up my eye area significantly. If I want to wear shadow over top, this acts as a crease-free stay-put base. And, as a bonus, it contains a anti-aging peptide to moisturize and strengthen the skin. Easiest, quickest, transformative product EVER." - Jenn G. 

Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bow Pencils "These pencils are so easy to apply and feel so smooth and creamy on my lips. I can wear bright and daring shades but I don't have to worry about any transfer or lipstick on my teeth moments. Apollo is my favourite shade." raves Calissa and Danielle agrees "it is long wearing and the perfect shade of berry red, I can rely on it to stay put and look great all day." 


Hair Care 

Bumble Full Potential Shampoo + Conditioner "When I cut my hair short I sort of wanted to treat it as a 'reset' for my hair. There was lots of damage from constantly wearing my hair up. It's made my hair way stronger and more resilient. I took a break from it to use some different products and holy moly I am back in flyaway breakage town. For anyone who ties up their hair as often as I do, this combo is a godsend" - Kat

Bumble Hair Dressers Invisible Oil Primer "I take absolute horrible care of my hair, so post shower I can't even imagine running a brush through my tangled locks without a few pumps to leave my hair looking shiny and smelling amazing." - Marielle 



Special Occasion / Worth the Splurge 

Barr Co Grapefruit & Fir Bubble Bath "I looovveee this stuff, I find it makes my baths so much longer and more relaxing when using that particular bubble bath especially when followed by the Tata Harper Resurfacing mask. - Cassidy 

Goe Oil "The miracle blend of 28 plant, fruit, and flower oils and butters WORK and although the price tag puts it firmly in the luxury category I still can't resist" - Jenn G. 



What are your favourite products? We can't wait to hear all about them at the Red Carpet Beauty Awards on Saturday Oct. 22, from 10-5 in our NEW shop! There'll be a red carpet, swag bags, treats, and good times. See you there!


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