Ageless Beauty: Breaking All The Rules

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We've all heard makeup adages that insist our ability to explore and play with makeup is somehow time stamped by our age - and frankly we're sick of hearing it! 

"I'm too old to wear glitter."       
"Don't wear powder foundation after 30."        
"Red lips are for your twenties."

These 'rules' are made to be broken. As the year comes to a close, the many parties on our calendars call for fancy dresses, clinking glasses and all-out glamour. This also means shimmery eyes, bright lips and makeup that needs to stay put 'til the wee hours of the morning.

This holiday season we challenge you to let go of old makeup myths and wear whatever you so please. To help get you started, here are a few makeup tricks that work on all ages to embrace the hottest trends and to wear them well, modeled by two of our lovely clients - Billye and Kit. 


How To Wear Red Lipstick At Any Age

After admitting she hasn't worn red lipstick in years, Billye stepped out of her comfort zone and looks vibrant in this crimson lip. Red lipstick shades look different on everyone so we recommend trying on a couple to choose a colour you feel good about and love - confidence is the key to pulling off any look.

To get the perfect pout, Danielle used a lip liner so the bright hue is crisp and ensures it will remain in place all night long. If you're still not ready to jump into a bold red lip, try a tinted lip conditioner or Lipstick Queen Saint lipstick. These will give a less intense, more sheer tone that still has a glamorous impact. 


Bring On The Sparkly Eye Shadow 

We hear all too often that 'women of a certain age' can't wear any eye shadow with sparkle or glitter. Again, like with all makeup, if you are inspired to wear it, then wear it! Danielle suggests keeping glitter to the inside (closer to your tear duct) of the eyelid as this will make your eyes look wider and brighter. She also used light matte shadow as a base, and an angle brush for the shimmer shadow to control the placement. Then, using a blending brush with more matte shadow to diffuse the look, she blended the whole eyelid.

Since Kit has beautiful hazel eyes, Danielle lined the lower lid with navy eyeliner; another completely creative way to rock colour regardless of age. Finally, she noted that it's important to start with eye shadow first when applying makeup, and then clean up any powder that may have fallen during application before starting on foundation and contouring. 



Powder Foundation 101  

After being told she couldn't wear powder after 35, we wanted to go over the basics of wearing powder foundation properly at any age. First, starting with a smooth base is crucial. Applying a primer like Stila OneStep before your powder will help avoid the dreaded caked look. In a circular motion, work the powder foundation around your face until you're satisfied with the coverage (the denser the brush the heavier the coverage and vice versa). Then, use a finishing spray like Caudalie Beauty Elixir to set the foundation. Danielle loves the spritz as it hydrates the molecule in the powder and expands it so it’s not only sitting on top of the skin but also spreads the powder out for flawless coverage. As an added bonus, it feels amazing. Once your skin is dry again, carry on with blush and contouring before applying a final coat of setting spray. 

Special thanks to Billye and Kit for helping showcase that beauty and style are truly ageless! Their confidence is contagious and we're so thrilled to have them help us with this piece. 

Be bold this Holiday Season and be sure to share it with us #ThisIsMyLuxmas. Need more festive inspiration? Check out our style guides, cocktail recipes and makeup tutorials fit for the season.


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