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Skin finishing, at term coined by our friends at St. Tropez, refers to the process of strategically applying illuminating products on the décolleté, shoulders, arms and legs.  This is the process that celebrities use on red carpets to accentuate their collar bones and give their skin a radiant, luminous glow.  Give skin finishing a chance the next time you have a big event, I’m telling you it makes a difference!  Stila’s All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer is the perfect thing to get the job done.  Since it is a liquid, there is no worry it will rub off on your pretty party dress.

Here’s how you get the look:

1) Apply the shimmer on top of both collar bones and the place where the collarbones meet the shoulder.  Blend out.

2) Outstretch your left arm and run the brush down the middle of your arm from wrist to shoulder.  Repeat on the right arm.  Blend out.

3) Wearing a thigh high dress?  Give your gams a little love too.  Apply the Luminizer on the left and right shin bones from the ankle to the knee.  Blend out.

Thinking of using a self tanning product as well?  St. Tropez will not disappoint.  Choose from three different series- self tanning, gradual tan and wash off, depending on the look you wish to achieve.  Click for more product information and great application videos.

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