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Who hasn’t spent 100’s of dollars on their hair colour only to watch it swirl down the drain the next time you shower?  Or how about enjoying the warmth of a sunny, summer day only to look in the mirror and see your precious locks stripped of its true tone & vibrance?  Now this is not the fault of your beloved colourist, just the nature of the beast.  When sun, water and colour mix-loss of pigment, fading and lack of brilliance is usually the result.

Bumble & bumble’s new Colour Minded series promises to ‘Keep Tones True’ so fading will become a thing of the past.  For those of you who were Colour Support fans, think of this as the DVD to Colour Support’s VHS.  The collection features 4 products that work with ALL hair hues & tones (great news esp. for hair colour chameleons) to prevent premature fading.


Colour Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo- As the name would suggest, this is B&b’s 2nd Sulfate-Free Shampoo, yet it still has a serious lather.  Hurray!  While it gently cleanses, it also protects colour’s integrity and prolongs vibrancy and brilliance with B&b’s own Colour Preserving Complex.  This complex restricts water from entering the hair shaft, inhibiting colour’s ability to leave.  Brilliant right!


Colour Minded Conditioner- Much like it’s cleansing counterpart, the Colour Minded Conditioner seals the hair to keep tones true while also enhancing your hair’s shine with it’s unique Colour Preserving Complex.  Great news, I’m told with it being so rich you can actually use it as a moisture masque!


Colour Minded UV Protective Styling Balm- I’m told that years ago, Bumble & bumble sold a styling balm that was coveted by stylists and consumers alike but unfortunately went out of production.  With much excitement the launch of Colour Minded welcomes this coveted Styling Balm back to the Bumble & bumble family of products!  This time it has an added UV Filter to protect the hair from the element.  Use before blow drying & styling for a bit of added control and lustre.  Don’t colour treat your hair?  You’ll still love this product!

Colour Minded UV Protective Polish- Like the Styling Balm, this finishing product contains a UV Filter which protects hair from the environment, keeping tones true.  As the last step before you walk out the door, apply a small amount for added shine which also happens to perfectly showcase your beautiful colour.


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