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Full disclosure-when it comes to styling my hair, it’s either straight, curly, or in a pony tail.  I can’t tell you how many Youtube videos I’ve watched or demo’s from The Beauty Department I’ve attempted and regardless what I do, I always end up with nothing but a matted rat tail.  So not fashionable.

Thankfully there is my trusty hair stylist (Hey Stacey!) or the new Blo Dry Bar  to keep me looking chic for those special occasions, but on a day to day basis I want to be my own Backstage Stylist!

With this idea in mind we have teamed up with Bumble & bumble to share their Backstage Style Secrets.  Bb’s New York trained stylists will be visiting LUX to actually TEACH you how to style your hair!  Hallelujah!!

Our first installment is on Thursday, July 12  and will focus on styling with the quintessential Bb Summer product, Surf Spray.  Book in for a 20 min appointment between 6 & 8 pm, where the Bb Stylist will teach you what products to use and how to obtain that beachy, Blake Lively look at home, by yourself, confidently, and without frustration!

Register online or at 780-451-1423.  Appts. only $10 and you’ll get to take home a chic canvas tote too!

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