Voir Haircare Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator
Voir Haircare Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator
Voir Haircare Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator
Voir Haircare Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator

Voir Haircare Cleansing Glacial Scalp Exfoliator

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Your scalp’s formal introduction to the True North’s secret sebum weapon: Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. As Canada’s anthem goes, your strands will stand strong and free once they are rid of product build-up and flakiness, and are steeped in a whipped-cream like blend of anti-inflammatory salts, as well as hydrating minerals and botanicals.


  • Exfoliates hair follicles
  • Removes product buildup, dead skin cells and toxins
  • Helps manage excess sebum and scalp issues like dandruff, itchiness and irritation
  • Spatula included for a convenient application
  • Refreshing effect

Why Detox?

In order to have healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. There are several areas that we must focus on to create this fit scalp environment:  follicle detoxification, dead skin cell exfoliation, oil reduction, sun protection and anti-aging. When a scalp is soothed with a balanced ph level, similar to the skin, it will be less likely to over-produce oil and keeps the scalp clean. A clean scalp will help with turnover of skin cells and promote healthy hair growth.

Detox is not simply just washing the scalp like shampooing, but to use a product that actually helps clean out the oils, dead skin cells, and any other residue that could be clogging your hair follicles. The difference between shampoo and detoxing is that shampoo focuses more on the hair rather than the scalp. It is recommended to detox your scalp once every 4-6 weeks.

Why You’ll Love Me:

  • You are a unique gem, and so am I. My Oceanic Clay is only found in the Northern Pacific Coast of Canada, and has over 60 natural minerals and rare earth elements that cleanse, reduce sebum secretion, and restore hydration for strong, smooth hair
  • There’s a lot going on behind the scenes—  you will be so busy luxuriating in this cleansing and refreshing scalp scrub, that you won’t even notice me fending off dead skin cells, toxins and dirt with my small exfoliating salt particles

    More About Me:

    • Vegan + Gluten-free 
    • Cruelty-free
    • Cucumber, melon, and jasmine with woody undertones
    • Deeply cleansing
    • Whipped texture
    • Purifying + Soothing
    • Total scalp exfoliation
    • Perfect for oily hair +/or sensitive scalps
    • Built in spatula for convenient in-shower application
    • Follow with our Rhythm of the Rain Hair Masque & Scalp Detox and Calming Glacial Leave-in Scalp Serum for optimal results

    Claims Test:

    • 95%* consumers felt their scalp was purified
    • 90%* of the consumers reported detoxified and refreshed scalp
    • 78%* of the consumers stated their hair was less oily after only 3 uses
    • 71%* of the participants declared their hair was left dandruff- free after use

    * Based on consumer testing on 22 participants for 28 days. 

    I am a huge believer in exfoliation. Every product works so much better when you can apply it to an unplugged base. This smells and feels invigorating. I use it once a week and my hair always looks incredibly healthy after. I am noticing a difference in my hair growth as well!

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