Vita Liberata Luxury Tanning Mitt

Vita Liberata Luxury Tanning Mitt

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A reusable soft tanning mitt to easily apply product to the skin for best application results.



  • Spreads and blends your tanning products or Body Blur High Definition  Body Makeup while helping to protect your palms from discoloration.
  • Ensures even application
  • Perfect to use with all self-tanning mousses, lotions,  and Body Blur
  • Can be hand-washed and reused

Directions: To optimise your tan, apply Vita Liberata tanning products or Body Blur®  using this extra soft tanning mitt to provide the most even application.  Dispense product onto the mitt and apply to clean skin in gentle, circular  motions for a streak-free, flawless finish. Blend on hands, feet, knees and  elbows. Hand-wash the mitt in lukewarm water and leave to dry naturally in preparation for your next tan.