UVe Beauty Violet Antimicrobial Blender

UVe Beauty Violet Antimicrobial Blender

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Meet Violet, the SMART makeup blender. This bouncy blender is the most comprehensive designed piece of foam ever. UVe's antibacterial blenders keep your skin cleaner and prettier by preventing bacteria growth throughout. The cloud-like texture sets your makeup in the softest, most effortless way while also preserving your costly creams, liquids and powders. Great for your skin and good for the earth.


• Up to 99% bacteria-free for less breakouts and clearer skin

• Mold resistant because mold shouldn’t be on your face

• Superior coverage with up to 75% less makeup product waste

• Plant-based non-toxic material (at 43%)

• Biodegradable up to 58% in 45 days

• Dermatologist and esthetician recommended for sensitive skin

• Safe, Non-toxic dyes some excess may shed at first

• Vegan and cruelty-free always