Abstract Candle


What they are: Stunning faceted ceramic candles with a surprise interior finish that is revealed as the candle burns down.

How they work: Unique fragrances make your home welcoming, as well as stylish, for up to 45 hours of burn time. 

Why you like: Beautiful to give, marvelous to keep, these candles are treasured all year round.

Silver Nights- Citrus and Spice

Golden Honey- Honeysuckle, Rose & Vanilla

Champagne Blush- Orange and Champagne

Verbena Lime- French Verbena & Citrus Peel

Sunburst- Strawberrry, Peach & Woods

Mandarin Splash- Lychee, Mandarin, Rose

Blackberry Sage- Blackcurrant, White Sage & Apple

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