Le Lip Tint


What it is: A skin-pampering lip balm and rich tinted lip gloss all in one for a beautiful everyday pop of color.

How it works: Natural, organic and wildcrafted butters and oils treat the skin while natural minerals provide flattering hues and shine, all wrapped up with a fresh mint rose flavour.

Why you like: A perfect dose of je ne sais quoi to your makeup bag

Ambre Noire: Dark burgundy with a golden sheen.
Ambre Rose: Warm rosy nude with a sheer finish.
Aphrodesie: Sheer violet-pink with a cool-toned shimmer. 
Cerise: Neutral medium-red with a sheer finish.
Claire: Clear balm. 
Rose Noire: Black cherry red with a sheer finish.
Sonali: Peachy pink with a pearlescent sheen.
Terre Rouge: Terracotta red with a copper sheen. 
Véronique: Warm coral red with a copper sheen.
Violette: Berry red with a golden shimmer.

Ambre Noire
Ambre Rose
Rose Noire
Terre Rouge
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