Demi Perfume

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What it is: Enticing and eccentric fragrances in a compact, elegant rollerball and stunningly designed tube.

How it works: Easily apply to pulse points and experience the development of the scent into your perfect fragrance. 

Why you like: Ranging from sweet to earthy and spicy, everyone will find the fragrance they love.

Blackberry Absinthe: Blackberries, sweet orange, jasmine.

Copper Rose: Pink peppercorn, rose, mandarin and bergamot.

Magnolia Blossom: Magnolias, reseda, sandalwood and musk.

Tonka Noir: Mandarin, rose, jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla.

Anemone: Crisp apple, citrus blossom and clove.

Cactus Verde: Bright cassis, sea salt, wild geranium and avocado.

Coconut Milk Mango: Sweet infusion of mango, coconut milk and palm leaf.

Grapefruit Oleander: Energizing geranium, grapefruit, peppercorn and vetiver.

Thai Lily: Exotic citrus, teak and Asiatic lily.

Watermint: Waterly blend of agave, mint and sea-salted citrus.

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